Low libido and erection

Low libido and erection

dysfunction is a disturbing and confusing problem that negatively and sometimes frustrates men who suffer from low libido or erectile dysfunction. 

The man, by his nature, created by God, is inclined to women, desiring them. When a man suddenly suffers from this problem, he feels bewilderment and anxiety, it affects him negatively and brings him frustration and lack of self-confidence, which makes him need a quick and urgent solution, and at the same time safe.

But before considering the treatment of the symptom, we must look for the cause of the disease; Until it is treated properly and effectively without going through experiments that may ultimately be unsuccessful.

Causes of weak lust and erection in men:

The weakness of lust and erection in men is caused by two reasons:

A - psychological.

B - organic.

First: Psychological causes:


Sometimes the husband suffers from mental illnesses, and these diseases are the result of anxiety or depression that the husband experiences, as a result of the pressures of material or social life resulting from the burdens of the house, or problems that the husband may go through at work.

Therefore, a person with weak sexual desire or erection must perform the following tests before looking for a drug treatment for his condition:

- Blood sugar analysis.

Total analysis. 

- Analysis Free 8.

- Analysis of Prolactin. 

Testosterone analysis. 

Random analysis. 

Then it begins to move, and if the analyzes are defective; So the reason is organic, and he has to go to a doctor who specializes in andrology and look for a solution to his physical problem.

If there is no defect in the analysis, then the factor here is psychological, so the patient should not be stubborn and go to a psychiatrist to help him find a treatment for his psychological problem, which may be caused by:

- ​​Marital disputes.

One spouse rejects the other.

Sexual routine in a marital relationship.

Monotony and lack of renewal in the intimate marital relationship between spouses.

Not preparing one of the spouses for the other.

A change or disease that occurs in a woman's body that results in a lack of sexual arousal, or the so-called frigidity.

- Decline in love and agreement between the two parties.

The inability of one of the spouses to have children.

All of these things may lead to weak libido and erections without the spouses noticing.

How to treat psychological weakness:

1 - Consulting a psychiatrist, as it contributes to identifying the factors of anxiety and tension, and then helps both parties to solve them.

2 - Sexual therapy:

This type of therapy focuses on achieving pleasure, and not looking at arousal or sexual activity; To eliminate the stress factor and thinking, as it achieves a safer and more enjoyable sex life.

Treatment of sexual anxiety:

where the doctor helps the patient to reduce psychological disorders and fears that the person suffers from, or emotional problems, if any, and find solutions to all these problems, then helps the patient to get rid of his stress, and then reactivate the imagination.

Psychodynamic therapy:

where the doctor reaches to show the root cause of erectile dysfunction by bringing out the subconscious in the patient's psyche; In the end, to reach his psychological problem, and then treat it.

Resorting to alternative methods of treatment:

it helps the person suffering from weak lust and lack of erection to get rid of the anxiety that he suffers in several ways, including:


It affects the psyche of the person suffering from weak lust positively, and increases his self-confidence, which helps to solve his problem.

Practicing yoga:

 Staying still for a long time helps the patient to relax, and then calms his nerves, which eventually gives him psychological comfort and a sense of vitality and recovery, which helps in treating his weakness.

Learn relaxation techniques:

 that helps him psychological comfort; He is less sensitive to the pressures of daily life and life problems, which leads him to positively solve the problem of erectile dysfunction and lack of arousal.

Undergoing acupuncture treatment:

It yields positive results in its psychological treatment, which helps treat erectile dysfunction and libido.

Second: The organic causes of weak lust and erection:

1- Low testosterone (male hormone):

The testosterone hormone level decreases in the human body as the age progresses to over 40 years, which results in a decrease in the testosterone hormone in men to weak desire and erection when Men.

2- An increase in the proportion of the milk hormone (Prolactin):

The increase in this hormone in the human body causes weak sexual desire as well as erectile dysfunction.

3- Diabetes:

 It negatively affects the sexual desire of men, resulting in weak desire and lack of erections.

4- Taking some drugs: 

such as diabetes medications, blood pressure medications, or nerve treatments, as they cause a large percentage of sexual weakness, as they result in decreased erection and lust.

5- Heart diseases: They

 have a significant effect on reducing lust in men.

6- Obesity: 

it negatively affects the completion of sexual relations, as it causes impotence and erectile dysfunction.

7- High cholesterol in the blood:

It results in a weak feeling of arousal and a lack of erection, atherosclerosis, which works to block blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the penis, which affects a great deal and causes weak lust and erection.

8- Prostate diseases or enlarged prostate:

they affect the sexual relationship, and lead to a lack of erection.

9- Tobacco product use:

Many smokers, especially after the age of forty, suffer from ED due to excessive smoking and excessive use of tobacco products of all kinds.

10- Addiction to alcoholic beverages and other forms of drugs:

it has been proven that they have a significant impact on the sexual power of men, leading to weak desire and lack of erections.

11- Al-Biruni's disease:

It causes scar tissue inside the penis, which affects the erection.

12- Surgeries and injuries in the pelvic area:

It has been proven that they lead to erectile dysfunction and lack of desire.

13 - Parkinson's disease:

 It is a disease that affects the nervous system, and then affects movement, affecting sexual strength in men, leading to weakness. 

14 - Multiple sclerosis:

It has been proven that multiple sclerosis reduces blood flow in the penis, leading to decreased erection and weak desire.

15- Metabolic syndrome:

This syndrome causes an imbalance in the body, resulting in high levels of insulin in the blood, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and the accumulation of body fat around the waist, which affects the intimate relationship.


Thus, we have presented the problem of weak desire and erection: 

We have presented its psychological and physical causes.

And how to psychotherapy, and its causes.

And how physical therapy causes it.

In order to protect the sufferer with low libido and erection from it as much as possible; So that he may enjoy a satisfying, satisfying and non-disturbing sexual relationship and establish a happy married life. 


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