Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

God created man and favored him over many of his creation so that he could live on the earth and allow him to worship God and the way to rebuild the earth is marriage, and marriage is only done by intercourse, so a person gets frustrated and psychologically anxious when he suffers from an erection problem.

It is one of the most important sexual problems faced by men, and he seeks and searches for a quick and safe solution.


 is the inability of the penis to have an erection for long periods; Which affects the intimate relationship, and also leads to a lack of sense of sexual desire.

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 Erectile dysfunction differs from impotence, as impotence is an advanced stage of impotence, which is the inability to have an erection of the man’s penis and a complete lack of sexual desire for the wife, with no possibility of sex.


Symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

- Problems getting an erection.

Problems keeping an erection.

Decreased sexual desire.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

Having an erection problem from time to time does not constitute a cause for concern. However, if erectile dysfunction is a persistent problem, it may cause psychological pressure and affect the person’s self-confidence and contribute to problems in relationships and may be an indication of a pathological condition that needs to be addressed. treatment.


Here are the causes of erectile dysfunction:

* Anxiety and psychological state:

Anxiety is required in our daily lives to become a driving force to achieve goals, but when this anxiety exceeds the permissible limit, it becomes a destructive force that leads to many problems. The effect of the psychological state goes beyond causing a weak sexual desire in the man, which results in his erectile dysfunction. Such as: depression - schizophrenia - addiction - severe panic - general exhaustion or individualism.

* Spinal injuries, pelvic area, surgeries and bladder.

* Infection with some chronic diseases:

such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, all of these diseases affect the extent of blood flow to the male organ, resulting in erectile dysfunction in men, and the medicines used to treat these diseases result in erectile dysfunction, especially heart diseases.

*Floating college.

* Neurological causes:

 such as spinal cord and brain injuries, Parkinson's and apparent, stroke, and double sclerosis

* Hormonal causes:

such as: pituitary tumor or lack of the male hormone testosterone.

Peyronie's disease:

a disease of the tissues of the penis.

* Aging.

* Consumption of drugs and alcohol for a long time and in abundance:

the incidence of erectile dysfunction in men who smoke increases by 85% than the rest of men, because smoking causes narrowing of the veins, resulting in a lack of blood flow.

* Weight gain: one of the risk factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction


The diagnosis can be made by conducting:

- Blood tests:

 which detect other diseases such as diabetes, lack of sex hormones or increased prolactin.

Duplex ultrasound to assess blood flow in the penis.

Tests on the nerves of the penis (bulbocaveernosus reflex), and the specialist doctor makes this diagnosis.

- Urine test:

 in which a urine sample is taken, and tests are performed on it, and then it is determined whether the sufferers of erectile dysfunction have organic diseases, as they are used to search for indications of diabetes and other underlying diseases, which led to erectile dysfunction or that the person suffers from a disease Diabetes, which in turn affects sexual intimacy negatively, and urine analysis is similar to blood analysis.

Ultrasound: This test is performed in a laboratory.

- The acoustic conversion device is fixed on the blood vessels that supply the penis with blood, and the penis is photographed in motion (video) so that the doctor knows if the person suffering from erectile dysfunction has a problem with blood flow in the vessels of the penis that led to erectile dysfunction.

- Psychological examination where the doctor asks some questions to find out if the person is depressed or if there are other psychological reasons that cause erectile dysfunction.

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Complications of erectile dysfunction:

complications resulting from erectile dysfunction are many and worrying, including:

- Stress and anxiety.

Embarrassment and mistrust.

Unsatisfactory sex life.

Relationships problems.

The inability to conceive from a life partner.

Erectile dysfunction treatment:

- There are many treatments that treat this problem, either by injection or orally.

One of the most prominent of these medical treatments so far is the tablets containing a substance (but it must be taken under medical supervision because there are no other complications and it has a good effect and has no side effects except a slight feeling of dizziness and nausea and soon these effects disappear before starting sexual practice and it is prohibited to take And taking these drugs for patients who take medications that help blood flow in the coronary arteries

- There is also a surgical treatment:

which is the implantation of erectile stents in advanced cases.

- There are many treatments that treat the problem of erectile dysfunction, but before taking the appropriate treatment, the doctor must make sure Medications that the person is taking as they may be a cause of this weakness or aggravation


. After the specialist doctor diagnoses the disease, there will be several options for treatment:

Oral medications: Oral

medications work effectively in most men who suffer from maintaining an erection sufficiently during the establishment of the relationshipof

erectile dysfunction:

 The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to maintain health, control any existing conditions,

and have regular check-ups and medical screening tests

. Do regular exercise.

Manage stress and get help with anxiety, depression, or mental health problems.

Stop smoking and avoid alcohol.

Avoid using prohibited drugs.


Thus, the problem of erectile dysfunction was presented, we mentioned its psychological and organic causes, the ideal medicines that help solve this haunting problem, how to purify ourselves from it, quick and safe solutions that help solve this problem.


In the end, a person must get rid of his psychological problems first, and then proceed to get rid of them.   

And he should not take excessive medication for erectile dysfunction.

A person suffering from erectile dysfunction should initially consult a doctor, in order to find a safe and appropriate solution for his condition without harm or side effects.  


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