strongest medicine for erection and treatment of erectile dysfunction 

strongest medicine for erection and treatment of erectile dysfunction 

strongest medicine for erection and sexual weakness to treat cases of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation must be effective and with the least percentage of side effects, because the disturbing side effects make matters worse and make the man resent the desire for treatment, which threatens family relations by aggravation, so companies are keenmedicine with the best modern technologies that suit all ages and conditions, the best natural nutritional supplements and effective sexual stimulants, and you will find for each case what suits it 


There are some medicines that give erection strengthening in a few minutes, and those who suffer from erectile dysfunction or suffer from its continuation need it to the extent that is sufficient to complete the sexual process 

. These drugs: 


  • Sildenafil combinations such as Viagra and others, 
  • Vardenafil  
  •  and Tadalafil, such as Cialis


.These treatments work by improving the secretion of (nitric oxide), a chemical whose increase helps in strong blood flow to the penis, making the response to excitement better and getting a strong erection for a long time.


Types of erection enhancers for men and their 

specifications there Base Fixed to choose the best sex enhancer in the pharmacy

strongest drug for erection, because the best option is the most appropriate drug for the case and circumstances of each person separately. What suits one person does not suit the other, so you must know the details of each type, method of work, chemical specifications that distinguish it, side effects and interactions with other drugs as well. 

 Although Most of the drugs are similar in their idea and composition, but we will now know the differences that distinguish one type from the other, which are as follows: 


  • Sildenafil (Viagra) is one of the most famous and best types and is taken on an empty stomach for an hour before practice and its effect lasts up to 5 hours 
  • . Vardenafil combination is taken an hour with food While avoiding taking fats with it, its effectiveness lasts up to 5 hours, and it has several forms, the latest and fastest of which is a tablet that dissolves on the tongue
  • , tadalafil or Cialis, and is characterized by a long efficacy that lasts 36 hours and works within an hour of taking it.
  • Avana Vil is long-acting, lasting for 6 hours, and its effect begins half an hour after ingestion.
  • There are many commercial brands of these materials and you will find the most powerful drug for erection and the best sex stimulants with the latest brands in Adam Pharmacy, 


a natural ointment to strengthen the erection and an erection cream in pharmacies

. It gives immediate results for an erection and greater hardness, as it works to stimulate blood flow in the blood vessels of the penis. These creams or ointments depend on several substances such as: Alprostadil, which works to increase blood flow in the vessels towards the penis, giving it the required stiffness. Alprostadil passes through the skin until it reaches To the targeted area, there are also creams of (arginine) compounds, which are effective in giving the penis a solid erection, as it helps the flow of blood loaded with oxygen. For premature ejaculation, these topical creams work within minutes of up to 15 minutes, but the duration of their effectiveness does not last more than 40 minutes Available at Adam Pharmacies In all its branches, all kinds of oral and topical.


stimulant erection natural  

 The treatment of erectile dysfunction from Al-Attar by using natural materials and formulations and herbs is a well-known treatment across ancient and modern cultures, and it has proven success and effectiveness. Therefore, recent studies have focused on using herbs and safe natural materials in the formulations of nutritional supplements and sexual stimulants that treat all problems of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence and impotence. Desire, and do not forget the effect of the idea of ​​treating erectile dysfunction by eating, a man can through a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle and eating useful food Which works to purify blood and strengthen blood pressure to have a better sex life, there are many foods, nutritional supplements, natural oils and herbs that are used as a sex tonic medicine, and these include: Natural materials: 


  • ginseng plant, which strengthens the erection because it increases the secretion of nitric oxide, which helps blood flow. Ginseng contributes to raising the level of the male hormone in the body. This helps to strengthen erections, get a strong desire and a solid erection.
  •  Pomegranate juice strengthens erections because it contains antioxidants that work on blood flow and helps strengthen the tissue in the body The male organ and strengthens desire
  •  Cloves Cloves help to get high levels of erection and cure Impotence and taken with warm milk with white honey 
  • Bolt plant strengthens the erection It has an effective role in the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation Leave boil for 10 minutes in water then filter and drink daily after dinner 
  • Garlic Garlic is considered one of the The best plants that strengthen erection and sexual desire
  •  Honey treats nerve damage and strengthens it and prevents DNA damage to sperm It is caused by smoking, and honey increases testosterone in males and contains antioxidants. Unroasted
  • nuts, especially cashews and pistachios without roasting, contain a large proportion of zinc and mineral salts that help In enhancing sexual desire,
  •  fish, especially salmon, mackerel and shrimp, contain It contains vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, treats erectile dysfunction, strengthens hardness, and increases the duration 
  •  of the plant Mocha contains amino acids, iron and magnesium that treat ED
  •  Ginger Ginger helps in strengthening general health and prolonging erections because it is It increases blood flow to the muscles of the penis, as it strengthens ejaculation control and treats infections This allows the speed and flow of blood to the member. 
  • Royal jelly gives strength and hardness to the body in particular, and also benefits in a case of weakness Erections

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