Causes of erectile dysfunction and modern methods of treatment 

Causes of erectile dysfunction and modern methods of treatment 

Causes of erectile dysfunction may be organic or psychological causes, and they may be emergency or temporary causes. In order to reach the proper treatment for erectile dysfunction, the causes must be known, and the correct diagnosis is the first step on the road to recovery. What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? Is the wife the cause of erectile dysfunction? What are the tests required to find out the cause of erectile dysfunction? This is what we will know now.


What does erectile dysfunction mean?

Erectile dysfunction is also called sexual weakness because it impedes the sexual process, which is the inability of the male organ to achieve an erection that achieves penetration or lack of maintenance. Knowing 

the causes of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and identifying them before starting to choose the type of treatment, which will be determined by the treating doctor based on the required analyzes to find out the cause of erectile dysfunction.


How do you know you Suffering from erectile dysfunction?

there Clear symptoms when they occur repeatedly confirm that you suffer from erectile dysfunction, such as: losing the ability to reach an erection, and even when an erection occurs, it is incomplete with a rapid loss to maintain it, and the presence of weak sexual desire, these symptoms, if repeated, will be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction Inside the vagina 

, which is one of the most important causes of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and a doctor should be consulted, especially if there are cases of chronic diseases such as diabetes and pressure or there is a genetic history of chronic diseases, these symptoms, if they recur and become permanent, will also be a cause of erectile dysfunction during the relationship

, which It exacerbates the problems of the marital relationship, the loss of the man’s self-confidence, and the reluctance to have intercourse. It is best to resort to the doctor urgently, as the occurrence of the previous symptoms confirms the incidence of ED. 


What are the causes of erectile dysfunction during a relationship? 

One of the most disturbing problems for spouses is erectile dysfunction during the same relationship. What are the causes of erectile dysfunction inside the vagina?

And why does it happen? What is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction during practice? 

This annoying problem occurs for several reasons, including: 

  • Psychological reasons, as psychological pressure, anxiety, or even fear of not completing the relationship leads to the relaxation of the member inside the vulva 
  • . Taking some treatments that contribute to the effect of relaxation during the relationship, such as psychological treatments, depression medications, heart treatments, hormonal and chemical treatments. 
  • Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or atherosclerosis, heart
  • disease, lead to intravaginal erectile dysfunction 
  • , problems and diseases of the spine,
  • fear of failure in the relationship leads to anxiety that can cause relaxation during the relationship.


In order to overcome these causes and reach the treatment of sudden erectile dysfunction during the relationship, the diseases that lead to it must be treated or controlled, and a healthy diet must be maintained, abstinence from smoking with regular exercise, the need to stay away from psychological pressure, tension and anxiety, and trying to adjust a treatment plan with the doctor to change the types of erectile dysfunction. Medications and replacing pressure or sugar medications that cause erectile dysfunction with others that do not cause this symptom and changing the treatment plan whose symptoms this problem, 

and you should try to pay attention to the excitement and the time of foreplay before sexual intercourse in a sufficient time.


What are the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men? 

The causes of erectile dysfunction at the age of twenty in young people are often due to an unhealthy lifestyle and an unbalanced diet that causes an increase in fat deposited on the arteries, as well as because of smoking, which negatively affects strength and sexual desire and work pressures as well, especially psychological pressures negatively affect the strength of men At the young age, before paying attention to treatment, it is necessary to know the main reason and from it proceed to the most appropriate treatment. Also, one of the reasons is the low level of the male hormone, which is the strongest influence on erectile dysfunction at this age, and doctors advise young people at this age to pay attention physical fitness, healthy balanced nutrition, exercise and attention to eating Nuts, honey and royal honey. Following these tips will help the young man to improve the condition if there are no other pathological reasons that are the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction for young men, as the doctor will determine to reach the appropriate treatment. 


Cases of treating erectile dysfunction in the groom

One of the most disturbing and disturbing cases is the cases of erectile dysfunction in the groom, they are common and of course the causes in most cases are psychological, and the doctor looks at the beginning of the diagnosis about the nature of the relationship between them? Is the wife the cause of erectile dysfunction?

What are the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction for young men? On the night of life, which sometimes lasts until the honeymoon period as well, many studies have been conducted that have proven that ED on the first night of the wedding is for unknown reasons, or it may be for combined psychological and organic reasons, and one of the most important organic causes is low testosterone or vascular disease This reduces blood flow to the reproductive system and weakens the erection. Also, one of the organic causes is damage to the nerves that feed the reproductive system due to diabetes. Of course, wrong behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol and medications such as antidepressants have a negative impact on the man on the wedding night. The most important psychological causes are: Stress, psychological pressure, fear of the wedding night and people, psychological pressure from society and family, feeling ashamed, feeling afraid of failing to complete the intimate relationship, as he is ashamed of his wife as he fears failure in front of society and the family, all of these factors increase the severe tension that actually leads To erectile dysfunction and impotence,


ways to treat erectile dysfunction naturally 

There are many natural remedies that can be resorted to before going to the doctor or as an auxiliary treatment with drug therapy. In most cases, these natural remedies have a clear effect and a strong effect, such as the option of treating erectile dysfunction from Al-Attar through fertile natural materials filled with the goodness of nature 

.erectile dysfunction is one of the most important treatments that studies have proven successful and effective, so that some plants and herbs have become a major component in ED medications, such as ginseng and royal jelly. In the composition of many drugs, and before proceeding to take the treatment of erectile dysfunction naturally, you should think about changing the lifestyle and moving to a healthy lifestyle.


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The most important treatment for erectile dysfunction


recipes for treating erectile dysfunction with herbs

  • The fenugreek plant is taken as a daily drink that treats sexual weakness and strengthens the body in general. 
  • Cardamom is one of the best plants that improve sexual performance, as it contains a substance (sineol) that helps blood flow to the genitalsincrease desire
  •  . Ginseng herbs have a strong effect in improving sex hormones and treating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Taken with Sidr honey and some ginger as a daily drink. 
  • The saffron plant helps to increase the desire in men and increases the strength of the erection. Saffron is drunk in water. Saffron oil can be taken daily
  • . The wheat germ plant treats sexual apathy and contains vitamin E and strengthens the reproductive system. Wheat germ powder is mixed with bee honey and royal jelly and taken daily.
  •  The ginkgo plant helps to pump blood to the penis, treats tension, strengthens the arteries.
  • All these herbs and plants are included in the composition of nutritional supplements that work to strengthen erection and treat impotence. They are available in the best international brands in all branches of Adam's pharmacy sexual stimulants


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