Erectile dysfunction, its treatment and causes

Erectile dysfunction, its treatment and causes

Erectile dysfunction is a pathological symptom of impotence, but when erectile dysfunction occurs at intervals, this is not necessarily a concern or evidence of a problem, and erectile dysfunction causes a problem in the marital relationship as it causes the inability to maintain the time or quality of the relationship, erectile dysfunction treatment requires Research well into the causes that can be psychological or organic causes, and the original cause must be determined and then try to treat, which sometimes requires several overlapping psychological and organic aspects.


How do you know that you suffer from erectile dysfunction and what are the symptoms? 

Not every weakness in the strength and rigidity of the erection of the member is a satisfactory symptom, so you must know those symptoms through which we know that there is a problem, which are the following: 


  •  Severe decrease in sexual desire and insensitivity to stimuli 
  •  Weakness to reach a full erection that can maintain an erection for the sufficient period required by the relationship
  •  Having frequent premature ejaculation Having psychological concerns about erectile dysfunction or not
  •  having it Other symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction
  • Frequent morning erectile dysfunction. 


What are the symptoms and causes of psychological erectile dysfunction? 

Psychological erectile dysfunction is a psychological symptom that negatively affects sexual ability or sexual desire and impairs the completion of the sexual process. It is sexual weakness, but it is caused by psychological diseases and therefore there is no organic cause in the body that causes this weakness, and there are reasons for its occurrence such as anxiety or psychological disorders. Nervous pressure and sadness, all of these feelings lead to the secretion of hormones in the body that reduce the sending of oxygen-laden blood to the penis, which makes it weak. The lack of success in the sexual relationship leads to continued failure and continued weakness. Before determining that this weakness is psychological, make sure that there are no organic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attacks, weight gain, excessive obesity, diabetes, and reassurance about the safety of The male reproductive system, then the diagnosis may immediately turn to the suspicion that his erectile dysfunction is a psychological weakness and his treatment is to consult a psychiatrist where he can give him treatments to get rid of From anxiety or insomnia, some exercises may be useful, such as yoga and relaxation, as they are useful in relieving stress, and there are several other options such as acupressure, and improvement will be noticed after psychological treatment and the person will return to his normal state.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

There is a strong relationship between erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, 

 as erectile dysfunction leads to premature ejaculation. He ejaculates after a short period for fear of losing an erection, and the problem of erectile dysfunction must be addressed before attempting to treat premature ejaculation because the latter results in its occurrence over the first. It is recommended by the doctor before having sex, and it is special instructions that help to get rid of the state of erectile dysfunction, including the use of condoms or masturbation two hours before sexual intercourse. Its side effects delay ejaculation, so it is used in the treatment of premature ejaculation and gives a noticeable improvement. Its side effects in some types of analgesics delay ejaculation, such as Tramadol, so it was used in this field and gave impressive results, and the combinations of phosphodiesterase inhibitors 5 (Phosphodiesterase inhibitors) used it in the treatment of erectile dysfunction of the first degree, but it was found that it works to delay ejaculation, and there are also compounds Sildenafil, and the appropriate treatment is determined according to the person's condition, age, medical history and genetics. The specialist doctor determines the type and dose. All types of drugs that treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with the best modern technologies are available in our Adam Pharmacy


What are the tests required to find out the cause of erectile dysfunction

  • ? A comprehensive physical 
  • examination Examination of the penis, testicles and nerves around them clinically 
  • Conducting blood tests 
  • Detecting heart disease or genetic history 
  • Checking for diabetes
  • Testosterone
  • analysis Test and analysis of urine  
  • Test by ultrasound to measure the level of the organ’s blood supply to detect the possibility of problems When the blood reaches the organ
  •  , a psychological examination is also done by a psychologist to rule out influencing psychological factors and reach them if they are present.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction during practice Erectile dysfunction

may occur during intercourse or penetration, and although he had a full erection before that, there are reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction during intercourse, the

 most important of which are:  

  • the presence of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure
  •  , kidney and liver diseases, 
  • obesity and high cholesterol 
  •  is one of the main causes It is an imbalance and low levels of testosterone
  •  and high blood lipids 
  • Suffering from depression
  •  , old age, 
  • exposure to psychological 
  • stress, anxiety and tension from poor sexual performance itself, 
  • all psychological diseases, 
  • alcohol or drug addiction and smoking, 
  • masturbation addiction


and treatment Erectile dysfunction during practice is to strengthen the body, exercise, and follow the instructions

for treating erectile dysfunction by eating foods that contain minerals, vitamins and calcium, and trying to eat healthy in a balanced manner. Tonic for erection and its continuation, which is taken by consulting a doctor.


What are the causes of erectile dysfunction at the age of twenty

Erectile dysfunction in young people is a common problem and often it is likely that erectile dysfunction is due to habit addiction and the problem of erectile dysfunction in the groom, which is mostly purely psychological causes that can be overcome within days and without medical help, and 

some young people at the age of twenty suffer Recurrent erectile dysfunction, although erectile dysfunction is related to age, but these cases are associated with a low level of the male hormone testosterone and a decrease in the nerve receptors for these functions or exposure to hereditary diabetes. A healthy diet and lack of exercise also in addition to the psychological reasons that affect and cause  Erectile dysfunction in young men, such as fear of failure or expecting exaggerated things about sexual relations due to addiction to masturbation. All of these problems must be treated through psychotherapy accompanying medications under the supervision of a doctor. In emergency cases, a pharmacist can be consulted through Adam’s pharmacy and obtain the best and latest treatments.


Causes of sudden erectile dysfunction

The occurrence of a case of sudden erectile dysfunction may not indicate a specific disease condition more than it indicates the presence of a psychological disorder or temporary anxiety, and this weakness is temporary and is considered not worrisome because it does not last for a long time, if the person does not suffer from any Organic diseases or diseases that impede erection, and one of the most important causes of sudden erectile dysfunction is severe tension or depression and stress, and one of the most important reasons is the fear of failure in the sexual relationship. And it may lead to some psychological disturbance, anxiety and loss of confidence, where erectile dysfunction causes great embarrassment and leads to instability in marital life. Sudden erectile dysfunction is treated with medications, topical injections and psychotherapy, and the matter may develop into surgery or the installation of a stent to restore the ability to have an erection.

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What is the treatment of erectile dysfunction naturally and the most important tips 

Resorting to nature is one of the best sexual treatment options in terms of treatment or performance enhancement. Also, the problem of erectile dysfunction has many solutions from nature, such as Treatment of erectile dysfunction from Al-Attar or treatment of erectile dysfunction with herbs and of course nutritional treatment through a special diet that supports the energy in the body 

. In addition, there are some tips related to sports and performing sexual exercises, which is one of the most important techniques used, and one of the most famous natural erectile dysfunction treatments is the ginseng plant. It has curative properties for some sexual problems. It improves erection and is more effective with those who suffer from high blood fat. It also contains anti-inflammatory and helps blood flow, which increases the strength and hardness of the erection, and attention must be paid to healthy nutrition such as fish products, increased proteins, and fortified nutritional supplements. With royal jelly, one of the most important treatments is arginine, a natural acid that helps produce nitric oxide, which moisturizes blood vessels and facilitates blood access to them in large quantities. Flowing and this is necessary for strong sexual performance. Only 5 grams of arginine helps in a significant and noticeable improvement in sexual performance. There is also pycnogenol, a substance extracted from a natural tree that helps restore sexual strength and erection hardness. Lifestyle, diet and diet should be changed. A healthy diet and a tendency to exercise are all natural remedies that help with erection strength, length and treatment of premature ejaculation.

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