Be an expert in choosing the best wash for the sensitive area for women

Be an expert in choosing the best wash for the sensitive area for women

Many women resort to using a lotion for the sensitive area as part of their personal care routine, so what is the most appropriate lotion? And what is the way to use it? This is what we offer you in this article and explain everything related to the use of vaginal washes.

The use of a vaginal wash provides many benefits according to experts and specialists, by maintaining the overall health of the sensitive area, preventing irritation of the area, and eliminating odor and infections caused by some types of bacteria and fungi.

One of the most effective products in Adam's pharmacy Femme Fresh is vaginal wash

Best cleanser for sensitive area
Intimate cleaning should be part of your daily personal care routine. And while warm water is all you need to clean properly, using an intimate wash provides extra cleaning, hydration, or freshness during the day.

When talking about choosing a lotion for the sensitive area, a set of criteria must be taken into account, the most prominent of which are the following:

natural ingredients

Choose a vaginal wash made primarily with natural or botanical ingredients, such as antibacterial peptides, green tea seed extracts, grapefruit extracts, apple cider vinegar extracts, or lavender.

We advise you not to just simply say the word "natural" on the label on the front of the bottle, turn the bottle over and read the ingredients listed on the label at the back.


The most important criteria that must be met in a lotion for the sensitive area is that it contains a balanced pH.

The pH of a woman's vagina is acidic and ranges between 3.8 - 4.5 on the pH scale.

Using products with the wrong pH, especially in the intimate area, can cause irritation or increase the chance of bacterial or fungal infections of the vagina.

Perfumes and chemical compounds

In fact, there are many types of preparations for the sensitive area that depend on chemical compounds such as: sulfates or parabens.

Here we add that if you find words you don't know or can't pronounce in the ingredients list, they are likely compounds and chemicals, and it won't be a good choice for you.

Also, care must be taken that the lotion for the sensitive area is completely free of aromatic odors.

You can choose something that has a scent derived from natural ingredients, such as: sandalwood, raspberry, and orange because they can often irritate the area.


If you are prone to dry skin in the sensitive area, you can get a lotion for the sensitive area that contains natural moisturizers.

Such as: organic aloe vera gel that helps provide the necessary moisture and also reduce unpleasant odor.

It is advised here to stay away from moisturizing products for the sensitive area that contain glycerin if you are prone to yeast infection.

Although it acts as a humectant, it is a sugar-based compound that can nourish yeast and increase its growth in an area.

What are the benefits of vaginal lavage?
Lotion for the sensitive area of ​​girls and married women is used for many purposes, including:

Getting rid of bad vaginal odor: Many types of vaginal washes contain scented substances.

Contraception: After having an intimate relationship, some women believe that vaginal douche prevents pregnancy by helping to kill sperm, and this is wrong because vaginal washing can lead to better entry of sperm into the vagina.

Washing of body fluids: such as menstrual blood or semen.

Reducing the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Is the use of lotion for the sensitive area necessary?
When it comes to keeping the intimate area clean, professional instructions state that it is best to let the vagina do the job on its own with the vaginal secretions it produces naturally, helping to get rid of menstrual blood residue, dead cells, and more.

As for cleaning the outside of the sensitive area, the majority of specialized scientific reviews have indicated that it should be cleaned regularly with a mild, unscented cleanser that is free of soap and other chemicals.

Its use helps prevent the buildup of sweat, menstrual blood residue, dead skin cells and other biological substances that can build up and increase the potential for harmful bacteria to grow.

Best vaginal wash

A vaginal douche is a formulation that contains a group of antiseptic substances and these substances are inserted into the vagina.

You can get a lotion for the sensitive area from Adam Pharmacy, where it is available in various brands, and the types of vaginal washes include:

Medicated vaginal lavage: It is a vaginal douche that is free from irritating scented substances and may be prescribed by the doctor in some cases.

Scented lavage: Scented lavage contains aromatic substances that help get rid of the unpleasant smell of the vagina, but may cause irritation.

Lotion for the sensitive area is available in the form of special bottles or bags that are easy to use in the vagina.

The woman uses a special tube or nozzle to spray upwards to clean and disinfect the vagina, and then the water mixture comes out through the vagina.

Dosing is different from washing the outside of the vagina with warm water while showering.

Claradon vaginal wash
Claradon Antiseptic Vaginal Wash Available in Adam's pharmacy, it is a broad-spectrum bactericidal preparation against most vaginal germs, which often cause:

Multiple vaginal infections.

Mixed infections (including chlamydia, mycoplasma, impetigo, etc.).

Candida fungal infection and parasitic infection Trichomonas vaginalis.

It is also used as an antiseptic for the vagina before surgical operations.

Claradon Vaginal Antiseptic Wash maintains its effectiveness as a germ killer even in the presence of blood, pus and vaginal secretions.

Features of Claradon Antiseptic Vaginal Wash:

It rarely causes skin irritation.
A gentle cleanser for the irritated inner lining of the vagina.
It can be used during menstruation.
Effective in removing symptoms of pain, irritation and slight itching in the vagina.
Claradon Antiseptic Dosage is also used as an antiseptic and to get rid of unpleasant vaginal odors.
Claradon Vaginal Antiseptic Lotion is well tolerated and can be removed by washing with soap and water.
 Does not stain skin or clothing. In some cases, dye has been removed from nylon products with a dilute ammonia solution. The brown color is characteristic of the preparation and gives an indication of its effectiveness.

How to use lotion for sensitive area

Using the measuring cup, add (5 mL) of the concentrated solution to the 250 mL squeezable bottle.
Fill the squeeze bottle with lukewarm water.
Close the package with the applicator tube and shake it carefully.
The application tube is carefully inserted into the vagina.
By pressing the bottle from both sides, part of the solution is emptied into the vagina.
The applicator tube comes out of the vagina to allow air to enter the compressed package.
Repeat the same steps above until the amount of solution inside the squeezable package is used up.
The solution remaining around the area is removed and dried with a clean towel.
Wash and rinse the empty squeezable pack and applicator tube before and after use with lukewarm water to keep them clean for next use.
Thus, we have learned about the importance of vaginal wash and its benefits for women. We also presented the best types of lotion for the sensitive area that are found in Adam’s Pharmacy, as it has great effectiveness in getting rid of the unpleasant smell of the vagina and also helps to kill bacteria that cause a lot of infections.

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