Hand and foot care

Hand and foot care

It is important to follow the steps of caring for hands and feet, the most important of which is to follow a healthy diet, as the hands and feet are exposed on a daily basis to many factors and conditions that cause skin change, discoloration and cracking in those areas as a result of exposure to long hours of direct sunlight and the use of detergents and chemicals.

feet care techniques Hand and feet


care techniques are one of the most important techniques that every woman cares about, especially after a hard day’s work, whether abroad or at home

It is recommended to exfoliate the hands once a week to keep the hands soft and soothe the rough and dry skin. Wet the hands with lukewarm water, rub them in circular motions with a small amount of the scrub, then rinse them with warm water, then apply a moisturizing cream.

Cleaning nails: 

To keep them clean, gently wipe the area below them with a nail brush to remove any dirt stuck there. Then, wash hands as usual with soap and water to remove any remaining dirt.

Continuous moisturizing:

Hands must be moisturized frequently to remain soft, so it is preferable to use moisturizing cream for the hands several times a day, as it contains olive oil, vitamin E and natural ingredients, and apply it by washing your hands first before massaging the cream into your hands in the morning and evening.

Hand Masks:

 Effectively Moisturizing and Softening Hands It is best to use a hand mask once a week. You can apply the mixture to your hands by mixing half an avocado and an egg white, leaving it for 20 minutes and then rinsing it off.

Hands and Legs Massage:

When massaging the hands it is best to start from the right side of the hand near the base of the thumb and work your way down to the base of each finger.

Use sunscreen:

Apply sunscreen to your hands before going outside because the sun's rays can lead to brown spots and wrinkles.

Tips to care for your hands and feet

Here are the most important recommendations for the care of hands and feet To enjoy smooth hands and feet free of cracks, just follow the following tips:

Using natural oils: Natural oils

  • can be used to massage dry and cracked hands and feet. To do this, we soak a piece of cotton in olive oil or coconut oil. .
  •  Then apply the oil to the hands and feet while wearing clean, soft cotton socks.
  •  Leave the socks on for at least two hours to allow the oils to fully absorb.


Using lavender oil:

 It is preferable to use lavender oil and soak hands and feet in it because it gives a pleasant smell to the skin and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which helps to get rid of unpleasant odor causes. 

  • To use lavender oil, mix a few drops in some warm water.
  • Then soak hands and feet for at least 15-20 minutes.
  •  It is best to repeat these steps twice daily for about a week.

Natural remedies for the care of hands and feet

There are many recipes for the care of the hands and feet scattered on the search engines, so we have chosen for you today the most prominent.

Sugar recipe for the care of hands and feet


  • equal amount of sugar.
  • A tablespoon and a half of coconut oil.


  • For a 3-minute hand and foot massage, mix together sugar and coconut oil.
  • After washing our hands and feet with water and letting them dry, we apply a high-quality moisturizing cream.
  • In addition to being an excellent natural moisturizer, sugar is believed to help exfoliate and revitalize the skin.

Almond and olive recipe for the care of hands and feet

  • Apply a little olive oil or sweet almond oil to the hands and feet and leave them until they dry completely.
  • It is better to repeat this procedure every day before night.
  •  After that, socks and cotton gloves are put on.
  • The fatty acids present in abundance in sweet almond oil and olive oil help moisturize the skin and give it a more youthful appearance.

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