cracked hands treatment

cracked hands treatment

Except for unusual circumstances, dry and chapped hands are usually temporary problems that can be treated at home using a variety of preventive and therapeutic methods. We also include a number of home and professional treatments that will give your hands the softness and freshness they deserve.

Causes of cracked hands?


There are several reasons, including environmental factors and external forces that damage the skin and some skin diseases whose symptoms include cracking of the skin on the hand.

1. The first factor that contributes to hand cracks is dryness. Lack of moisture in the hands eventually leads to cracking, which is usually caused by cold weather, dryness or both.

2. Having a condition such as diabetes that causes poor blood circulation in the extremities

3. Suffering from an immune disorder such as psoriasis.

4- Eczema is one of the main causes of dry and cracked hands.

5- Constant contact with water damages the hands and stimulates the growth of fungi, which increases the risk of cracking hands and nails.

6- Hand cracks occur due to the sterilizer and excessive use of personal and household cleaning products.

Treating cracked hands at home

The following is a summary of the most important recipes and suggested instructions to help you treat cracked hands quickly and successfully at home without seeking medical attention:

1. Use Hydra Soft Moisturizing Cream with its effective natural ingredients in treating cracked hands.

If you suffer from severe cracks on the hands, you should choose a deep moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type and stick to using it regularly, several times a day.

2 . Aloe vera 

gel is frequently used in formulating a moisturizing cream for different skin types due to the abundance of various antioxidants and their amazing benefits for the skin.

Therefore, you can either use a moisturizing cream containing aloe vera gel or apply the refreshing gel directly to your hands.

3. Avoid things that cause stress and anxiety

Try to avoid actions that make you feel nervous and anxious as much as possible, and make sure that you get enough rest and relaxation every day.

6. Use Oatmeal and Water in the Bath

Although it may seem unusual to you, soaking the dry area of ​​skin in a warm water bath with oat flakes helps the skin to effectively restore lost moisture.

Daily routine hand care tips

There are several tips that you must take to take care of your hands and keep them from cracking:

1. When dealing with household cleaners, always wear gloves.

2. Avoid hot water and use lukewarm water only.

3- After showering or using water for a long time, wet your hands as needed.

4- Wear gloves until you wake up after moisturizing at night with a lotion containing Vaseline.

5. Refrain from misusing personal hygiene and sterilization products.

6- Using corticosteroid medications to reduce inflammation and relieve itching caused by dry and cracked hands.

7 - Temporarily stopping the activities that make the hands suffer from this problem.

8 . Keep your distance from the chemicals.

9 - Use soap in moderation when washing your hands, and be sure to choose the items that moisturize and reduce their effect on the skin.

Tips to avoid chapped hands

Here are some tips and instructions that will help you prevent this condition from getting worse if you want to protect yourself from the start and prevent your hands from cracking: 

  • When using water, always try to use gloves, especially when washing and cleaning dishes.
  • Use a moisturizing cream every day if possible.
  • Consider using natural products like glycerin, coconut oil, and jojoba oil to help your hands retain moisture.
  • Avoid exposing your hands to various heat sources, such as heaters and hair dryers.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly to prevent the buildup of dead cells that can make your skin look dry and damaged.
  • Avoid overuse of soap, especially untreated scented soap.
  • If you have to wash your hands a lot during the day because of your occupation, be sure to moisturize your hands as soon as you finish washing them.

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