cracked feet treatment

cracked feet treatment

The problem of cracked feet is one of the common problems that many people suffer from. It affects women and men, and makes the skin of the heels of the feet hard, dry and cracked, and some thick crusts may appear on it, but do not worry, we will provide you with the best ways to treat cracked feet.

What are the causes of cracked feet?

Before we introduce the methods of treating cracked feet, have you ever wondered what is the cause of cracked feet?!!!!

There are many reasons that cause the feet to crack, including:


  • One of the most common causes of cracked feet is the lack of moisture in this area, which causes dryness, roughness and cracking of the layers of the skin, and this may occur due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, including zinc, which greatly affects the presence of heels Dry and cracked.
  • Standing for long periods of time during the day, whether at work or at home.
  • The skin becomes affected with age, causing cracks in the feet.
  • Obesity and overweight increase the pressure on the fatty pad in the heel, which leads to stretching of the skin, and this leads to dryness and various cracks in the feet.
  • Wearing open-toed sandals and high heels can also affect the feet and cause skin roughness.
  • Exposing the feet to water and moisture for long periods of time removes water and oils from the skin, causing dryness and thus cracking.
  • Studies have confirmed that dry and cracked skin may result from genetic causes.

Treatment of cracked feet 

In this paragraph, I will present to you the most important ways through which cracked feet can be treated:

  • Using hydra soft moisturizing cream that contains natural materials such as olive oil and other materials that penetrate into the skin It can be used in a safe way to rejuvenate and heal the skin and restore its healthy appearance.
  • Moisturize your feet regularly to keep feet and heels soft and vibrant twice a day with a gentle moisturizer to hydrate your feet.
  •  In addition to relying on moisturizing the skin and maintaining its moisture using vegetable oils such as olive oil, shea butter, mashed banana and paraffin wax.
  • Diabetics should take care of comfortable shoes, allowing air to circulate, and allowing enough room.
  • For the health and vitality of the skin of the body and feet, you must drink large amounts of water, as water is one of the necessary elements.
  •  Avoid hot water, because hot water increases the dryness of the skin, because it gets rid of oils that help moisturize it, so it is recommended to take a bath with lukewarm water, and not to put the feet in hot water, as well as not to shower for more than 10 minutes, and dry the feet well after showering.
  • Massage with oils It is recommended to apply oil to the dry area of ​​the foot, the heel area and start massaging it a little. 
  • Massage with olive oil because it helps moisturize the cracked area and stimulate blood circulation, then leave it to dry and it is better to leave it on the skin overnight.
  • Wear cotton socks to protect the feet from drying out in the winter. Always try to choose socks made of natural fibers such as cotton and wool, and avoid socks made of synthetic fibres.
  • Because wearing cotton socks protects the feet from the harsh effects of cold and prevents the accumulation of fungi as a result of preventing the absorption of sweat, pollution and dust, in addition to providing the necessary ventilation for them.


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