Signs of pregnancy on the face The 

Signs of pregnancy on the face The 

signs of pregnancy on the face are many, including the redness of the face caused by the increase in estrogen and progesterone, as well as the appearance of some spots and dark pigmentation and the increase in the appearance of pimples or pimples. And we knew that it happened. This is what we will know now. 



What are the most important signs of pregnancy on the face 


? The signs have nothing to do with the gender of the fetus. They are neutral. They appear whether the fetus is a boy or a girl. They are signs related to hormones and are the first cause of these signs: 


  • Redness of the face: due to the increase in pregnancy hormones in the blood and due to the increased flow of oxygen-laden blood to all parts of the body 


  • Pigmentation and spots Darkness in the face: It occurs in the last third of pregnancy. It can be avoided by keeping away from the sun and taking care of applying sunscreen and moisturizing creams 
  • . Density of facial hair: It occurs due to pregnancy and must be removed in ways that do not cause skin irritation and prevent the pregnant woman from using chemical hair removal creams because they harm the fetus 
  • . The spread of grains, pimples and acne Young people on the face of a pregnant woman: as a result increased secretion of oils, the accumulation of which leads to blockage of the pores 
  • . Facial sensitivity: the sensitivity of the facial skin of pregnant women increases, and the causes of its stimuli, such as contact or the application of products, must be used. Thin and calm products must be used that contain only natural substances. 


What are the early signs of pregnancy on the face?


One of the symptoms of pregnancy on the face that tells us early about the possibility of pregnancy is the sudden and unexpected freshness of the face, and also an unexpected change in the color of the skin and the reasons are not known, and if there are dark places or moles, the woman notices that her color has become darker than the usual color It becomes darker than its nature before pregnancy, and the nature of the pregnant mother changes, so her sensitivity skin to the sun 

increases more than normal, and she gets burns and sun pigmentation during the least amount of time she is exposed to the sun  


. What are the signs of pregnancy from the eye?  


There are several signs that appear on the eyes of a pregnant woman that indicate pregnancy, such as: 


  •  Dry eyes:  due to hormonal disorders that occur in early pregnancy, she must take care to drink enough water and use medical drops to moisturize dry eyes.


  • The occurrence of blurring in the vision of the eye and

the reason is that hormonal disorders resulting from pregnancy lead to changes in the thickness and shape of the cornea, and this problem is urgent, which improves over time and disappears completely after childbirth, and attention must be paid to monitoring the eye of the pregnant woman and its changes, because it may be symptoms of pregnancy poisoning and an indication of a high rate Sugar has  

  • increased eye sensitivity: the woman notices that her eyes have become more sensitive to light and that looking at it may cause her to have a migraine attack. Always stay away from the stimuli that lead to allergy symptoms, 
  • follow us through advice and consultations on the Adam Pharmacy  



Is the appearance of pills on the face a sign of pregnancy? 


The sudden appearance of pimples and pimples is a sign of pregnancy, especially if the pills are located in the places where the pills appear and are spread around the mouth, nose and forehead 

. It is preferable for the pregnant woman to use natural recipes to treat signs of pregnancy on the face, such as home clamps or the use of Treatments that consist of very safe natural materials, because all forms of drugs reach the fetus and absorb them into the blood and affect it. Thus, the signs of pregnancy on the face vary between pimples and pimples and the occurrence of melasma, freckles, pigmentation and spots in all shapes and colors, but all signs disappear naturally after birth 

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