One of the foods that contribute to the maintenance of hair

One of the foods that contribute to the maintenance of hair

Everyone seeks to take care of his body, and to improve his condition, both externally and internally.

Poetry is one of the things that everyone, men, women and children strive to make always attractive.

The anxiety of many increases when they are exposed to a symptom, whether physical, psychological or external, that causes them to have a hair problem such as (falling - inflammation - bombing), and he strives diligently to solve this problem he has been exposed to.

All of these solutions are practical, fast-acting and safe; In order for it to bear its desired fruits, it is necessary to eat natural foods that contribute to the preservation of hair; This is due to the rarity of its side effects, but it may be a little slow, but the natural one is always safe and healthy.

There are many natural foods that contribute to maintaining the health and freshness of hair:


such as: (oysters - eggs - fatty fish - prawns `shrimp' berries - sweet potatoes - avocados - nuts - sunflower seeds - flax seeds - chia seeds - sweet peppers - Guava - citrus fruits - beans - pumpkin seeds - cinnamon - soybeans - spinach).


Oysters are one of the best elements that maintain hair and its freshness. It contains zinc that supports the hair and repairs and regenerates any damage.

It contains zinc, which treats any imbalance in the hair or scalp caused by a lack of food, and when a person is keen to eat it; It thus ensures that any damage in his hair is repaired and his hair is healthy and fresh.

Fatty fish: Fatty

Fish is a very important food for hair health and freshness. It contains many beneficial elements for hair, such as omega-3, which is very beneficial for the health of the body, and is useful for the growth and increase of hair density.

It is characterized by containing antioxidants that have an active role in maintaining the health of hair,

It contains protein necessary for the health of the body and hair as well.

It contains selenium, which benefits the body as a whole:

It strengthens the immune system.

 Protects against cancer, especially (lung cancer - prostate cancer).

Beneficial for the brain from Alzheimer's and dementia, useful for the circulatory system, and maintains the thyroid gland.

It is a prevention of heart disease.

Beneficial for men as it improves and enhances sperm quality.

 Useful for women as it protects them from pregnancy or miscarriage problems.

A person should be keen to eat fatty fish such as (tuna - mackerel - sardines - herring) on ​​a regular basis; In order to maintain the health of the hair, and also maintain the health of the body.


Eggs are one of the necessary foods that maintain healthy hair. As eggs are rich in protein and vitamins, which are very important for the health and freshness of hair.

It contains biotin, one of the vitamin B groups, which maintains the freshness of hair and increases its density.

Stimulates the work of hair follicles to compensate for damage and falling out.

Rich in keratin, the main protein of hair.

It contains selenium, which is important for a healthy brain, heart, and immune system.

It contains zinc that is beneficial for the skin, skin and hair.

Prawns or shrimp:

One of the foods that maintain hair is prawns or shrimp, which is one of the seafood that contains proteins useful for hair and maintaining its freshness.

It contains hair vitamins, especially vitamin B, which increases hair density.

Shrimp contains zinc, iron and vitamin D which are important for hair and head.


One of the foods that contribute to maintaining hair is berries, as it contains vitamin C, which contains antioxidants that compensate for damaged hair, and help to thicken it.

Berries play an important role in the synthesis of collagen, which is an important protein for hair health and freshness. 

Vitamin C also increases iron absorption in the digestive system and treats anemia that may result in hair loss.


Guava is one of the most important fruits for hair health and freshness. It is also rich in vitamin C, which helps in hair growth.

Vitamin C protects hair follicles from damage.

Rich in many antioxidants that maintain the freshness of hair.

Full of minerals that are beneficial for hair and head.


Avocado is one of the most beneficial fruits for hair. Because it is a good source of fats that contribute to the maintenance of hair, as it is rich in fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 that are beneficial and help in hair growth and nutrition.

It is rich in vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant, which benefits the hair.

Vitamin E in avocado protects hair from damage and damage as it counteracts free radicals that damage hair follicles, and also has an active role in protecting the scalp.

Vitamin E protects the skin and maintains the freshness of the skin.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet

Potatoes have great benefits for hair; It contains vitamin A, which in turn helps in promoting the secretion of sebum oil, which by its nature keeps the hair moisturized and builds new hair follicles, stimulating them to thicken hair.

Rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A.


rich in the necessary elements beneficial to the body, and also help in the freshness of hair.

Saturated with a lot of hair loss vitamins such as (iron, folic acid, vitamin B9, vitamin A, vitamin C).

Iron stimulates hair growth and treats its weakness.

Vitamin A stimulates the skin glands to produce sebum oil, which helps moisturize the hair and head.



Beans are important vegetables for hair health, as they:

 produce the protein necessary for hair nutrition and growth.

Rich in zinc that promotes hair growth and repairs it.

Rich in folic acid, biotin, and iron, this bouquet of elements has a great role in supporting and improving the skin, skin and hair.

Sweet pepper: Sweet

Pepper is an important food for hair health. It is very rich in vitamin C, and it is much richer than orange, it is more than five times the content of vitamin C. It

promotes collagen production, which plays a major role in strengthening hair strands, and in protecting hair from oxidative stress.

Rich in Vitamin A, important for healthy hair and skin.

Nuts: Nuts

are an effective and important food for hair health and freshness. They contain vitamin E, vitamin B, iron and zinc, and are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This package of nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts) all help in the freshness of the hair and give it flexibility and softness with the oils it produces. It helps moisturize it, and it stimulates hair follicles, which increases its density.


Soybeans are one of the foods that maintain the hair and increase its freshness, as it contains spermidine, which helps to prolong the growth phase of the hair.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin 

seeds are a hair-supporting food that helps repair hair blemishes.

Rich in zinc, which supports the hair growth cycle, increasing its freshness and strength.

It is rich in antioxidants that stimulate hair follicles and reduce hair loss.

Rich in Omega 3, which helps moisturize hair and skin and maintain its freshness.

Chia seeds:

One of the foods that are useful for hair, as they are rich in zinc, protein and healthy fats, which promote hair growth.

It helps in the freshness of the skin, as it protects the hair from falling, and it also delays the signs of aging.

 Supports the scalp and protects it from the effects of free radicals and the influence of oxidizing factors.


It is a natural food that is beneficial for the body in general, and is also useful for hair.

Rich in antioxidants that protect hair roots and scalp, treat baldness and also hair loss.

Cinnamon increases the growth period of the hair roots, and thus helps to extend the life of the hair, provide it with strength and help its vitality.

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

Cinnamon contains a bouquet of vitamins important for hair health and treatment. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B9 that provide hair with health, flexibility and shine.

Cinnamon is saturated with protein, which provides hair with food, giving it strength and vitality.


It is a food that preserves and treats hair, which gives it strength and freshness. 

It is rich in hair-beneficial elements such as (Selenium - Omega 3 - Zinc - Vitamin E) that stimulate hair, give it strength and increase its freshness and shine.


one of the foods that contribute to maintaining the health of hair; It is rich in vitamin C, which maintains the freshness of hair. 

It protects collagen, which has an active role in thickening hair, promoting its growth and giving it strength.

Chicken and meat:

They are essential foods for healthy hair and protecting it from damage. As they are one of the most rich sources of proteins, which manufacture amino acids that the hair lacks, and supply them to the hair follicles, which stimulates the head to grow hair.

Protects hair from atrophy and split ends.

This is a group of foods that help treat hair, protect it, and repair its defects.

safe; Due to the absence of any side effects from taking it, in addition to its availability and low cost.

Gives your hair health, strength and security.


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