Facial peeling cream types, benefits and methods of use

Facial peeling cream types, benefits and methods of use

Facial peeling cream is a periodic skin care product due to the need for exfoliation due to the exposure of the skin to several causes that cause problems such as spots, pigmentation, pimples, blackheads and white heads, so peeling has become a necessity of skin care, so what is skin peeling? Peeling is the process of getting rid of the outer layer of the skin with the aim removing dry cells that cause pallor of the face, lack of purity of the skin and lack of uniformity of its . dead and 


  Benefits of face peeling cream


  • Treatment of clogged and enlarged pores
  • Preventing the formation of new pimples and pimples Treatment of existing ones 
  • Moisturizing the skin and treating dryness and pallor 
  • Gaining freshness, purity and smoothness 
  • Treatment of skin roughness and cracks
  • Treating and cleaning blackheads and closing their pores
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and fine lines
  • Tightening the skin and getting rid of dead cells 
  • Purifying the pores of the skin 
  • Obtaining natural whitening and lightening of the face 


How to use a face peeling cream 


You can adopt the method of home recipes in peeling the face or adopting a face peeling cream from the pharmacy to get the best and fastest results 

. There is a choice of peeling masks or peeling in medical beauty centers. All of these options give you freedom to choose the most suitable for you But the most important thing is to choose a medical and safe type of face peeling cream that does not have side effects, and there are some creams that need to follow the doctor’s instructions precisely to reach the best therapeutic and cosmetic  


. Types of peeling and whitening cream for the face 


there three Approved types of facial peeling are: 

  • Chemical peeling: it is under medical supervision because by using a cream that contains exfoliating acids that help to get rid of the outer layer of the skin, and the doctor determines the method of treatment, the quantity and the time period 
  • . On the skin, it helps to get rid of dead skin, which makes the face regain its freshness and vitality 
  • . Crystal peeling: It is through the use of a spray of microscopic sand crystals directed to the face through a specialized device, so it peels and is useful in getting rid of pigmentation spots and tightening the face. Also 
  • , laser peeling: It is in beauty centers Through medical supervision, you must follow the doctor’s orders and instructions before and after the procedure  
  • . Home peeling: You can use the best types of face peeling cream from high-quality international brands as a home routine without the need for a beauty salon or treatment centers, and you will find many effective types. Follow the instructions carefully and you can use a wonderful home scrub Among the products rich in vitamins or from natural home recipes, the  
  • best brands of peeling creams that suit every skin type provided by Adam Pharmacy  


The best facial peeling cream for oily 


skin Oily skin, in particular, needs exfoliation, and using a face peeling cream for oily skin periodically is one of the most important things that must be maintained in the case of oily skin in order to remove dead cells and the damaged outer layer and cause pallor or spots due to the accumulation of dead cells and clogging of pores Pills and black heads are formed. Peeling gives the oily skin freshness and softness and makes it smooth and uniform in color that does not suffer from problems. The appropriate scrub or scrub must be chosen for the type of oily skin that exfoliates it naturally without causing damage or sensitivity. Oily skin needs to use a toner after the peeling session. To close the pores and try to reduce their sebum secretions, then you need compensation creams that contain zinc to compensate for the cells and gently nourish them while moisturizing them homogeneously. The best peeling creams that are safe for oily skin are creams containing salicylic acid and used at home in a low concentration, but most often you should consult a doctor Or the pharmacist before using highly concentrated peeling creams, and when adopting a face peeling cream, choose the right one And the least concentrated as a start, taking into account the placement of the scrub at night in a dim light and starting to put a very small amount on the face and then increasing it with time if necessary, in the event that the skin is sensitive or active, do not apply any facial exfoliating cream until after consulting the doctor and under his supervision   


. How to use the cream Face peeling


After choosing the right type for your face according to the skin type, there are steps and method for using the face peeling cream, which are as follows: 


  • Apply a light amount of the face peeling cream, 
  • distribute it well on the places that have problems such as pigmentation, pills or facial spots and dark places 
  • . Leave the face peeling cream for a period of time. 30 minutes 
  • after that, rinse your face with lukewarm water, 
  • after a week, repeat the same steps 
  • , noting that the peeling cream is placed at night only and under dim light 
  • . After rinsing, use a face moisturizer that consists of natural nutrients and suits your skin type
  • . The amount of the face peeling cream can be increased in the coming times and increase the duration of its stay on the face In the event that infections did not occur in the previous times 
  • after washing the face, care should be taken to use a moisturizing cream for the face to be used as a daily routine for skin care


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