Plasma facial magic treatment for more fresh and youthful skin

Plasma facial magic treatment for more fresh and youthful skin

consisting of blood liquid after centrifugation to become a rich source of proteins such as albumin and a very rich source of vitamins and minerals.

This fluid is injected into many treatments for facial problems and is known as platelet rich plasma 


Or plasma rich in platelets because it is re-supplied with high levels of platelets, which may reach 700%. The remains of acne and dark circles and erase the effects of fatigue and stress on the face, they are magic injections that restore youth and freshness on the face and treat many problems, so it is considered an ideal solution, as it is both therapeutic and cosmetic 


What are the benefits of plasma for the face?


Facial plasma has many and many benefits. It has a therapeutic and cosmetic aspect. Among these benefits are the following: 


  •  Treating the effects of aging,
  • tightening the skin and treating wrinkles when they occur
  • , helping to prevent wrinkles from occurring early and avoiding their occurrence, treating fine facial lines, 
  • treating facial sagging 
  • giving freshness and smoothness to the skin 
  • , treating various scars inface and acne residues 
  • Unifies the skin tone and gives it freshness and luster 
  • Treatment of dark circles Treats 
  • puffiness under the eyes and wrinkles around it 
  •  Tightens the skin of the face and hides the effects of aging
  • Reducing the effects of fatigue and exhaustion Gives the face a youthful look 
  • Treating spots and pigmentation and unifying skin tone and smoothness, so it looks polished 


What types of plasma are the face?


There are different types of plasma for the face according to the percentage of fibrin, which is a protein that helps with clotting when bleeding. The difference is due to the percentage of this protein and also differs due to 

the white blood cells and their rates in the blood plasma, so there are several types, such as: 


  • pure plasma containing platelets only and no white blood cells P -PRP.


  • Plasma containing a high percentage of platelets and white blood cells L-PRP also.


  • Plasma containing high levels of fibrin protein PRF.
  • Golden plasma is considered the best type because it contains a high percentage of very rich plasma with high levels of platelets and also contains hyaluronic acid


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Benefits of golden plasma for the face 


  • Treats pigmentation in the face 
  • Treatment of dark circles under the eyes 
  • Its double concentration of hyaluronic acid makes it have a magical effect for the freshness and vitality of the face 
  • Moisturizing the face and preventing and treating wrinkles  
  • It is a catalyst for stimulating collagen production in the face 
  • Skin tightening and treatment of fine facial lines 
  • Contributes to the treatment of acne and removal of its remains For more problem treatments The face Learn about our products in Adam's Pharmacy


How many sessions of plasma does the face need?


Plasma injection for pigmentation and treatment of various facial problems is one of the modern techniques that some resort to, especially after the plasma of the face has proven successful experiences and amazing results that made it a magical treatment to restore youth. Up to 3 sessions in some cases, but they differ according to age, skin nature and the type of problem that the plasma addresses. The duration of the session takes about 20 minutes and is repeated according to the case and its response. Plasma sessions can be obtained for 10 months, where the condition improves after the session for a period of three to five weeks, and the improvement is gradually with the necessity Follow all orders and advice of the doctor.


When does the result of plasma injections for the face appear?


The final results of the facial plasma sessions appear after four weeks and up to seven weeks

. To reach the best result, it is recommended to repeat the plasma sessions from once to twice a month, taking into account that there is a time spacing between them. The sessions continue to be repeated for a period of four to six months, according to the vision of the therapist  


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