Different facial pigmentation and ways to treat them

Different facial pigmentation and ways to treat them

The problem of facial pigmentation is considered a multi-causes, so treatment methods differ from one person to another according to the type of skin and according to the reasons that resulted in the appearance of facial pigmentation.

Facial pigmentation from the sun and its treatment

The pigmentation of the face caused by the sun is one of the most common cases, due to exposure to direct sunlight on a daily basis for a long time, and what makes the matter worse is the lack of sun protection creams.
The adoption of the use of a sunscreen with a strong protective factor must be a daily routine for all family members to protect against ultraviolet rays and the factors of facial pigmentation. There are factors that help the appearance of facial pigmentation caused by the sun, such as:


  • Longer exposure time
  • Exposing the face without protective agents
  • Genetic predisposition as there are people who have a large number of chromosome cells
  • Taking hormonal drugs
  • pregnancy period
  • endocrine diseases

Treating facial pigmentation during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are exposed to the problem of facial pigmentation, which is called melasma of pregnancy, which is dark spots that appear on the forehead and around the mouth and spread on the cheeks. The secretion of melanin, which exposes the face to the appearance of brown or dark spots, the lack of a uniform color of the face bothers women a lot because it gives a sick and faded look, and there are some safe solutions to use and can resort to the doctor to determine the types of safe melasma treatment creams that do not cause problems For the fetus, or to wait after delivery and follow up the treatment of melasma. She can use natural recipes that are safe for her and the fetus that help improve the condition, such as:

  • Use creams containing 2% hydroquinone with sunscreen every morning and before leaving the house.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Using natural aloe vera gel for daily moisturizing through natural masks or creams containing aloe vera.
  • Natural peeling masks such as oatmeal and honey mask.
  • Use products containing papaya, as it is a natural exfoliator thanks to the enzyme papain.
  • Constant attention to follow-up treatment of dark spots in the skin.

Treatment of facial pigmentation in children

The problem of facial pigmentation for children is widespread and the mother worries a lot and is in the form of widespread white spots that cause impurity of the face, but in most cases they are not dangerous and can be removed and treated easily if we exclude cases that lead to the emergence of itching or painful spots that spread quickly. In this case, we recommend resorting to the doctor.

 As for the simple cases in which the causes of facial pigmentation are the lack of some vitamins in the body or due to exposure to the sun, attention must be paid to the child’s nutrition, diversity in varieties, and attention to fresh fruits and vegetables that contain all the vitamins the child’s body needs, and maintaining the child’s absence from the sun and taking care of using a cream High protection sunscreen.

 Moisturize your baby's skin as a daily routine to promote deep hydration in the skin cells, while using color- and fragrance-free products rich in vitamins and natural compounds.

Methods of treating facial pigmentation for men

The causes of facial pigmentation in men are related to the secretion of a large amount of melanin from the pigment cells. This results from a pathological condition or direct exposure to the sun, and melanin works on the appearance of a dark or dark skin layer and this is a kind of protection of skin cells from the dangers of radiation, but facial pigmentation especially worries men. Because it is related to the appearance and external appearance of the human figure, and the most important reasons that increase the incidence of facial pigmentation in men are:

  • smoking
  • hormonal imbalances
  • Take some medicine
  • Some diets
  • aging

 The pigmentation is in the form of dark spots that spread on the face and body
There are several treatment options, including the use of special cosmetic creams to reduce facial pigmentation, chemical peels that take place in the doctor’s office, or peeling with acids such as ascorbic acid and kojic acid under medical supervision. There are also advanced solutions such as laser peeling techniques that are carried out in specialized medical centers.

Natural recipes to treat black pigmentation on the face

There are many home recipes that help reduce and treat facial pigmentation, and they are safe natural formulations that can be used without medical supervision, such as:

  • mint mask
  • apple cider vinegar mask
  • aloe vera
  • Oats and honey
  • Turmeric mask
  • Papaya with lemon and honey
  • green tea mask
  • Lemon and milk mask
  • licorice and turmeric
  • Milk starch mask


Ways to remove facial pigmentation in a week

 Sometimes we are exposed to searching for the fastest ways to remove facial pigmentation, especially when associated with a date or occasion, and we need to appear as a bright hero, and then we wonder whether the facial pigmentation will disappear quickly? Are methods of removing facial pigmentation naturally successful? The answer is that facial pigmentation may disappear quickly with the use of safe natural recipes, provided that the recipe is repeated and the skin is protected from the appearance of new pigmentation by avoiding the factors of pigmentation. One of the fastest ways to help remove facial pigmentation in a week are:

  • Oatmeal and yogurt mask, because yogurt contains alpha hydroxide acids and oats work to get rid of dead cells and affected layers of skin. Mix oats with yogurt and spread it on the face and leave for an hour.
  • Milk mixture with olive oil treats pigmentation quickly through the effect of lightening milk and olive oil treats and regenerates cells.
  • Honey-milled oatmeal mask.
  • Aloe vera mask with honey.
  • Use safe whitening creams that contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Fast-acting anti-pigmentation creams

One of the most important creams that treat brown facial pigmentation or facial pigmentation 

Black are peeling creams that are used under medical supervision in certain proportions. There are many safe, fast-acting creams from famous brands, especially those that rely on natural materials in their compounds of these types are:

  • Vichy Ideal White Serum
  • La Roche Cream
  • Tritospot cream
  • Himalaya Herbals Whitening Day Cream
  • L'Oreal Paris whitening cream
  • Pond's White Beauty Spot Remover Day Cream
  • Starville Cream
  • Beesline Whitening Cream With Sunscreen
  • La Roche Posay for oily skin
  • Bobana for lightening and reducing pigmentation
  • Fair & Lovely original cream
  • nivea men whitening cream

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