Curly hair

Curly hair

Before talking about women’s curly hair and its features, you should know that God Almighty created you in the best and most beautiful form; If your hair is long, then know that it is best for you, and this woman with short hair must make sure that this is best for her, and the other with fine hair must know that her hair in this way is appropriate and appropriate for her, and the latter with curly hair must be sure that it is best for her You, curly-haired woman, should know that you are one of the lucky ones; You are indeed fortunate with this distinctive and charming hair.

Many girls with fine hair suffer until they turn their hair into curly, so they add a lot of materials, creams and gels to their fine hair; Until they get their hair to the curly stage.

This is the best evidence of the beauty and attractiveness of your curly hair, so enjoy your curly hair.

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advantages of curly hair:

If you, my lady, do not know the value of your curly hair, which God - the Almighty - has blessed you with - here are some of its advantages; To make sure that you are one of the privileged and fortunate.

1-Your curly hair has the ability to not be affected much by weather factors:

Curly curls are not damaged by weather factors, whatever their condition; whether the weather is hot, rainy, or humid; The woman with curly hair remains stable, unlike the owner of fine hair, her hairstyle changes, and we notice that her hairstyle began to change a few hours after washing it.

The lucky one with curly hair when it's hot; Her hair is getting thicker, making it more lively and active.

When it rains in the winter, the woman with fine hair is affected by any drop of water. As for the distinguished woman with curly hair; Once her hair dries, the hairstyle returns to normal. So, you're a curly-haired celebrity.


2-Your curly hair is very dense; It doesn't need to thicken it:

Your lucky hair has a great natural volume; Therefore, you do not need drugs or products that increase the density of your hair; Which makes you comfortable and reassured and do not think about what worries many girls due to the weakness of their hair, or its lack of density.


3-Your distinctive curly hair is not greasy like many girls:

as greasy hair secretes greasy substances; These secretions are greatly affected by dust and air, so you are safe from pollutants for the hair, and do not worry as many worry about the oiliness in their hair.


4-Your curly hair is eye-catching:

your curly hair is attractive and has a distinctive look; When it hangs over your shoulders with its attractive wavy hairstyle, and increases its brilliance by adding some simple accessories that increase your hair brilliance and beauty, whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or zigzag, so be happy with your hair, O star.


5-Curlyhair saves you a lot of money:

fine hair needs special care, it needs a special care routine (hair moisturizers - cream baths - masks - styling tools), and needs to go to the hairdresser a lot; This saves you time, effort and money.

With your distinguished hair, you have saved yourself a lot. You only need a few lotions, shampoos and simple compounds; Congratulations on your excellent hair.


6-Your curly hair does not need much styling:

you, with your charming hair, do not suffer when you style it; As it only takes a few minutes, your hair is styled in shower, and then left to dry without using a hairdryer or machine curling


7-Your curly hair is distinguished in all its cases: your

hair is beautiful, decent, and attractive in all its cases. He is attractive during his length, and in the case of his middle is charming, but in the case of his shortness, he is distinguished, because you are beautiful in all your situations, and your different looks.

Types of curly hair:

Know, curly hair, that all types of curly hair are distinctive, attractive and glamorous, and each type has its own charm and attractiveness.

Here are my dear types of curly hair:


1-Curly wavy hair:

dear wavy hair is characterized by its low volume, and it always remains next to the head, and the hair in it is similar to the letter S 

, and for wavy hair there are patterns and shapes

2C, and this style is known by its deep waves, which start from the roots of the hair in the form of a letter. It's the weakest type of curly hair; It needs special attention and care.

2B This style is characterized by limited waves starting from the middle of the hair in the form of the letter S

2A. This style of curly is characterized by its light waves, and this style is attached to the head.

When caring for it, it is advised not to use heavy paints, which may lose its waviness and its usual attractiveness.

2- Curly curly hair:

This style of curly hair is characterized by its wide area; Where the shapes of its loops change from wide to narrow narrow loops.

Curly curly hair has three styles and shapes:

3C, which despite its beauty, is the most prone to curly hair, and the most prone to losing its luster and luster; Therefore, it must be given special care, as it is wetted and refreshments are placed on it, and then left until it gathers, and takes the form of its limited rings.

3A This style of curly hair is characterized by its narrow ringlets, and in this case it is prone to drying out; Therefore, it is recommended to wash it with shampoo on a regular basis, with moisturizing creams; So that it is easy to style, and it is preferable not to comb it.

3B This style of curly hair is known for its extra dryness; So it needs intense moisturizers, which helps its freshness when you use it with dear thermal masks that enhance the absorption of moisturizers and creams.

3-Curly hair:

This dear style of curly hair is characterized by the severity of its curvy; As it starts from the beginning of the scalp and reaches the end of it, and it is known for its extreme dryness; So they called it hair afro

This style of curly hair has several forms:

4B This curly curly hair style is very brittle, and prone to breakage; Therefore, it needs more care and care; In order to maintain its freshness and vitality, this curly curly hair style takes the form of z

4A This curly curly hair style needs intense moisturizing; Its rings are narrow and very weak, they do not exceed the size of a toothpick, and the hairs are wrapped around each other.

4C This type of curly curly hair is known as the most fragile type of curly, is prone to rapid shrinkage and shrinkage, and has a very weak zigzag shape, visible only when straightened.

This type, due to its great fragility, needs heavy moisturizers so that it can be demobilized and dealt with.

Curly hair care:

Dear, if you want to maintain and take care of your curly hair, you should follow the following:

1-Follow diet healthy and balanced

you must, dear, take care of your healthy, balanced food, as the lack of some nutrients may cause your hair to lose; Therefore, you should eat foods that contain and contain vitamins important for your body and hair, such as (vitamin E - vitamin D - vitamin C - vitamin B and biotin - vitamin A), and be sure to eat a lot of spinach; They are very important for building your hair and broccoli, potatoes and eggs.

2-Not brushing:

In order to preserve the freshness and beauty of your curly hair, you should take into account not to use the brush while combing it; Or use a wide comb after drying the hair, and it is better to comb it with the fingers of the hand, dear.

3-Combing your curly hair when it is wet:

The ideal in this combing is to the fingers of the hand moistened with a little balm; so as to moisturize it.

And you, my dear, must be careful to treat your hair softly and gently.

And when combing the hair is from bottom to top.

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4-Use a sulfate-free shampoo:

In order to maintain your curly hair, its attractiveness and freshness, you should use as little as possible of shampoos.

stop, dear to, using shampoos containing sulfate 

, as it dries the scalp, and makes the hair lacking useful oils for it to help build it. 

And you should not overuse shampoos, my dear; It is enough for your hair once every 3 days; In order to maintain the freshness of your hair, and preserve the natural in it.

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5-Not using the towel while drying your curly hair: The

a negative effect on curly hair. The owner of curly hair is best for her hair when drying, to dry it with a cotton cloth; In order to maintain her hair and its freshness.

6-The use of many hair oils, and masks to maintain it:

Know, dear, that the nature of your hair tends to dryness; Therefore, it lacks oils to moisturize it and maintain its freshness, especially on its edges, and among the oils that have good results with your hair (castor oil - olive oil - argan oil - coconut oil), it is one of the oils that maintain the beauty, freshness and attractiveness of curly hair. 

7-Do not use heat dryers: heat dryers

damage your curly hair; The nature of your hair, my dear, tends to be dry. Thermal drying tools destroy your hair, and make you vulnerable to rapid fall, so you should stay away from them as much as possible and use them only for necessity.


8-Make sure to sleep on pillows covered with satin or silk:

hair; Due to their soft texture; reduce shedding.

9-Avoid swimming in water that contains chlorine:

It is one of the things that damages curly hair; As chlorine weakens the hair, and also leads to the weakening of its ends; This makes your luscious curly hair prone to breakage, and chlorine makes the hair more coarse. This makes it more susceptible to shedding and damage.

This is all you need to know dear about curly hair in terms of:

The secret of the beauty and attractiveness of curly hair.

Beautiful curly hair types.

Ways to take care of my dear curly hair.


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