Fastest cold remedy for children

Fastest cold remedy for children

With the change of seasons, many children suffer from a cold, and the symptoms usually disappear after a week or ten days of themselves, but the cold for children must be treated, whether with medicines or natural methods so that the child is not affected, so we present to you in this report the best ways to treat a cold .

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Cold treatment for children 

There are many ways that can be used to treat a cold for children, we show you some of them:

Treating a cold with a saline solution

is one of the best home remedies for a runny nose also for children and adults, just follow these steps:

  • Mix a quarter of a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water Lukewarm.
  • Put the mixture in a clean dropper and shake the mixture well.
  • Put a few drops of the solution into the child's nose with his head back, then close his nose with your fingers.
  • Repeat with the other side and use this solution three times a day.

Treating a cold with lemon Lemon

is one of the most nutrients that help get rid of the problem of colds, as all doctors advise drinking a lot of lemon juice, especially in the winter, for its ability to fight cold and cold diseases, because of its benefits such as:

  • Vitamin C in lemon Eliminates the microbes that cause colds caused by the common cold.
  • Lemon juice provides about 80% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for a person to prevent colds and colds.
  • Lemon juice contributes to the health of the immune system, and thus helps the immune system to fight off many diseases, including the common cold.

Treatment of colds for children with white honey

Eating white honey is effective in treating a runny nose and cold for children over a year old. You only need to do the following:

  • Put a teaspoon of white honey on a glass of warm water.
  • It is given to the child twice daily to boost immunity.
  • You can also add drops of lemon to the mixture.
  • It is preferable for the child to drink the recipe on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime in the evening.


Steam treatment for colds

Inhalation of steam helps relieve a runny nose and remove excess mucus, and treats your child from colds, so you can do the following:

  • Fill the bathroom with steam and put the child for at least a quarter of an hour.
  • Or you can use a bowl of hot water and place your child's face over it so that he can inhale as much of it as possible.
  • Repeat three times daily.

Cold treatment with

garlic Garlic has excellent properties in strengthening immunity and relieving cold symptoms, the most famous of which are colds, colds and the most common.

 Garlic is used as a natural antibiotic, so you can add a little of it in your child's food; So that your child does not get gas and bloating, or swallow a small garlic pill on an empty stomach.


is one of the most recommended herbs in prophetic medicine, because of its great benefits to the body. Nigella sativa is used to treat colds in children through the following:

  • Put some drops of nigella or black seed oil in the ear.
  • This works to get rid of microbes and viruses inside the ear as a result of the child's infection with a cold.
  • A child can be given a tablespoon of Nigella sativa oil directly.
  • You can also add black seed oil to a glass of milk and give it to the child every day in the morning, to strengthen his immunity and treat him from a cold.

Basil treatment

Basil is one of the new natural treatments used in the treatment of runny nose, because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties, and helps strengthen the child's immunity. You can use it as follows:

  • Boil a cup of water and put the basil leaves on it.
  • You can add the use of basil leaves in your child's food.

Cold treatment 

with chamomile Chamomile herbs for children who are at least one year old are usually soothing for a runny nose and various cold symptoms.

 It is one of the herbs that strengthen immunity, and also reduces sneezing because it contains antihistamines, and it must be prepared as follows:

  • A teaspoon is placed in a cup of boiling water.
  • Strain the drink from the herbs.
  • Leave it for 5 minutes to cool down and then serve it warm to your baby.
  • It is sweetened with half a tablespoon of honey.

Cold treatment for children with a mixture of ginger and cinnamon

Ginger and cinnamon are herbs that treat colds, because they relieve sore throat and dryness, through:

  • Put all the above ingredients in a cup of boiling water and leave for five minutes.
  • Be sure to cover the cup with a lid so that the volatile oils in this drink do not evaporate.
  • This drink is sweetened with natural honey better than sweetened with sugar for best results and safer for your child's health.

Treating a cold

with anise Anise is a beverage that helps warm the chest, get rid of excess phlegm in the chest, and reduce sore throat caused by a cold. Anise drink is prepared through the following:

  • Put a spoonful of aniseed in a cup of boiling water.
  • Allow the drink to cool, taking care to cover the cup so that the volatile oils in the anise do not rise.
  • The drink is sweetened with natural honey instead of sugar for best results.

Tips for treating a cold in children 

The mother should follow some methods that help relieve cold symptoms in children, including:

  • Give your child a bath with warm water or use a warm compress; To relieve muscle pain.
  • provide complete comfort to the child and keep him warm in the house; To help him recover and restore full body energy. 
  • using a nasal aspirator or nasal syringe; To clean and suction mucus from the baby's nose. 
  • Drink enough fluids to help thin the mucus and replace fluids lost from the body due to fever, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Help the child blow his nose regularly if he is able to. 
  • Increase the intake of fruit and warm soups for older children and avoid drinking carbonated or caffeinated beverages. 
  • slightly raise the child's head during sleep; To help relieve congestion. 
  • avoid exposing the child to irritants; Like cigarette smoke.

A doctor should be consulted when a child is suspected of having a health problem that is more than just a cold, if symptoms worsen or worsen rather than improve, or if the child has any of the following symptoms or signs: 

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Feeling of pain in the chest or stomach.
  • Unusual tiredness or lethargy.
  • Increased headache and facial or throat pain.
  • A sore throat so painful that it interferes with swallowing.
  • Inability to keep stomach content from food or drink or not getting enough fluids.
  • Cough with a lot of mucus.
  • Swollen glands or lymph nodes in the neck.
  • Feeling of pain in the ear.
  • The child's body temperature rises to 39.3 °C or more, or it rises to 38.0 °C or more and remains high for more than one day.


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