Important information when using (vaginal douche) for women and girls

Important information when using (vaginal douche) for women and girls

Many women resort to using a vaginal wash to clean the vagina, but it must be known that the vagina cleans itself naturally through secretions, but there are some unpleasant odors or exposure to diseases that affect the vagina, so women need to use vaginal wash, so through this article All the details about the best types of vaginal washes will be learned.

The importance of using a vaginal wash

There are several benefits that can be obtained from using a vaginal wash for women or girls, and these benefits are:

  • To eliminate the unpleasant odor that comes out of the vagina, there are some types of scented lotions.
  • Getting rid of fluids from the body, whether they come out with menstrual blood or semen.
  • Reducing the possibility of infection as a result of sexual intercourse.
  • Eliminate infections and get rid of itching, and this lotion is used only under the supervision of a doctor so as not to eliminate the beneficial bacteria.
  • A vaginal douche is better than a vaginal douche in keeping the sensitive area clean

Does the use of a vaginal wash affect pregnancy or the marital relationship?

Vaginal wash can be used after intimacy, especially that is safe, which helps cleanse the vagina of germs without causing any harm to the sensitive area, and vaginal wash is better than vaginal douche in this case.

The use of vaginal douches for pregnancy is also ineffective, but there are some studies that say that using vaginal douches regularly makes it difficult to get pregnant quickly.

But there are some harms that a pregnant woman may suffer if she uses an internal vaginal wash during pregnancy, and these symptoms include:

  • The risk of premature birth.
  • Increased chance of miscarriage.
  • An ectopic pregnancy.

When should a vaginal wash be used?

It is preferable to use the lotion once a day after showering or on the toilet, but you must take into account not to overdo it so as not to kill the beneficial bacteria in the sensitive area, and you should consult a doctor if one of the following symptoms appears:

  • White or yellow discharge.
  • Feeling of burning during urination.
  • Having pain during intercourse.
  • The appearance of an unpleasant smell in the sensitive area.

The correct way to use a vaginal douche

When you want to take full advantage of the benefits of using a vaginal wash , you should know how to use a vaginal wash properly:

  • Wash hands well.
  • Put a small amount of the vaginal wash in the hands, and place it on the outside of the vagina while showering or on the toilet.
  • Clean the area from front to back, so germs do not return from the anus to the vagina.
  • Rinse the area well using water.
  • The lotion is used once or twice a day, or according to the doctor's prescription.
  • Always make sure to dry the vaginal area from water, as moisture is a fertile environment for the growth of microbes and fungi and causes infections.

The best and lightest type of vaginal wash

Cleaning the sensitive area is one of the most important things that girls and women look for, as they are looking for the best type of vaginal wash , and there are many types in pharmacies, but the best and lightest type is Femi Fresh vaginal wash.

Its components : Fem Fresh Vaginal Wash contains natural aloe vera extract that works to refresh and moisturize the area, it contains glycerin that helps moisturize, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl, sodium lactate, calendula.

How to use it : Put a little lotion on the hands, then rub the sensitive area with it, and then wash it well with warm water.

Features of Femi Fresh Vaginal Wash

Femifresh vaginal wash is one of the best types used as a vaginal wash, and its advantages are:

  • Clean the vaginal area and cleanse it of germs, bacteria and fungi.
  • Maintaining the presence of beneficial bacteria in the vaginal area.
  • Balance the natural pH balance in the vagina.
  • Eliminate unwanted odors.
  • Getting rid of heavy secretions resulting from infection or infection.
  • Eliminate itching and inflammation in the vagina.
  • Feeling of freshness, softness and lightening of the sensitive area.

Tips when using Femi Fresh Vaginal Wash

There are some tips that women should follow when using Femi Fresh Vaginal Wash, which are:

  • Do not use a lot of vaginal douches, so as not to kill the beneficial bacteria in the vagina.
  • Do not use the douche in a sleeping position so that it does not enter the vagina inside.
  • It cannot be relied upon to prevent pregnancy after intercourse, because the main function is to clean the outer area.
  • It is best not to use the lotion for women who are planning to become pregnant.


In conclusion, after getting acquainted with Femi Fresh vaginal wash , which is one of the best types of vaginal wash, which helps moisturize the sensitive area, eliminates unpleasant odors, and gets rid of inflammatory bacteria, but it should be noted not to use it too much so as not to kill the beneficial bacteria.


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