Treatment of corns in several natural and medicinal ways

Treatment of corns in several natural and medicinal ways

The treatment of annoying corns varies between natural home remedies or pharmacological treatment, all of which aim to remove the painful corns permanently and not return again, and it is considered a skin disease that forms in the sole of the foot due to friction or pressure for a long time on the The skin creates painful bumps that hinder walking and standing.. We will discuss the treatment of corns with natural recipes that have proven their efficiency through the ages, and learn about several other methods..


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 What is Nail toe and the causes of its occurrence ?


A corn is a very dry area of ​​the skin and the accumulation of dry skin layers until a so-called (callus) is formed, which is a hard, painful and very dry bump or swelling. The causes of its occurrence are different from person to person, such as: 


  •  wearing tight shoes
  • and wearing uncomfortable high heels 
  •  Going out of the house all day wearing shoes without taking them off and making the feet breathe
  • Using some machines that press on the skin for a long time and rub against skin cells 
  •  Walking barefoot for a long time
  •  Not taking care of the feet and not trimming the nails and moisturizing the skin 
  • Not keeping the feet dry and moisturizing and treating cracks  


 Methods of treatingmulti 


 There are different ways to treat calluses or toenails, including what is preventive to preserve the skin of the foot and not to form calluses or recur, including ways to treat corns from the pharmacy by means of medicines and ointments, including methods of treatment with natural recipes, such as treating corns with garlic or lemon, apple cider vinegar and English salt, and we will talk About these methods in some detail 


First, the method of preventing the occurrence of corns,


  •  paying attention to washing the feet always with soap and lukewarm water and drying them, and the necessity of moisturizing the feet daily before going to sleep.
  •  Adopting the use of very comfortable and low shoes that do not tire the foot or put pressure on the skin.
  •  Wearing clean socks of pure cotton materials. It contains any polyester or synthetic materials so that it does not work on the formation of microbes from the sweat while increasing the duration of its stay wet.
  •  Use protective gloves when using devices and machines that press on the skin
  •  Care for moisturizing the feet daily before bed by applying natural moisturizers and nourishing and moisturizing creams on clean, dry
  •  feet Not to walk barefoot 
  •  Pledge to cut nails regularly and periodically
  •  Treating cracks in the feet periodically and not leaving them until
  •  the use of foot powderIn the case of excessive sweating of the feet and the powder is placed in the feet and shoes


 Second: Treating the toenail with natural recipes 


 There are several natural recipes approved by the ancient legacies of the ancestors that have proven their effectiveness on the skin and the treatment of callus from these methods as follows: 


 Nails and Vaseline Care and treatment


 Is petroleum jelly an effective treatment In the case of corns? 

 Vaseline is considered one of the very safe materials to moisturize the feet in the form of daily prevention from cracks. It works to moisturize the skin from the inside out, thus smoothing the surface of the skin and making it smooth and reducing the occurrence of scars or the possibility of corns appearing. Vaseline is also an effective treatment in the event of corns. As it works to soften the dry and hard layers of skin in the corns to make it easier to remove, and the best way to treat with Vaseline is to put a generous amount of Vaseline and massage for ten minutes, then wear plastic socks and sleep with them for a whole night, then wash the feet in the morning with lukewarm water. This helps in Treatment or quick and easy disposal of corns, and repeated for several consecutive nights until complete recovery, with continuity of daily care and moisturizing as a prevention of its recurrence.


 How to treat corns with lemon and cloves Lemon 


acid, with its vitamins, helps in softening the skin and dismantling dry callus cells. 

It can be used in a simple way, which is to put drops of lemon juice on the callus and leave it to absorb and repeat this three times a day 

or add ground or regular cloves without grinding to the Lemon drops and rub it well, then put it on the skin that has kalo and leave it to absorb and repeat the step three times a day, cloves work on cleansing and softening as well. 


 How to treat corns with


garlic the Garlic he is The most famous recipe among the most important recipes inherited from the ancestors, garlic contains strong properties to fight bacteria, prevent the reproduction of fungi, fight infection, and contain powerful antioxidants.disappears completely. Do not worry about its recurrence. It has no side effects 


a Apple cider vinegar to treat callus, because it is a natural antiseptic and exfoliator that reduces the formation of bacteria and fights them. The method is: Put the feet in warm water for ten minutes until they soften, then put drops of apple cider vinegar on the callus and leave until it absorbs and put the vinegar by cotton with pressure on the callus gently after that You can put drops of castor oil or tea tree oil and wrap it and leave it until the morning and then rinse it with lukewarm water   


 Onion method for treating


corns The callus, then putting bandages, wearing insulating plastic socks, staying in them all night, then getting rid of them in the morning, washing the feet with lukewarm water, and repeating the same experiment for consecutive days. 


Treating the corns with 


this method Depends Soak dry feet with hot water and salt daily for half an hour, then remove the dead skin, massage with a natural pumice stone and dry well, and then apply a moisturizer and leave it to absorb and by repeating this process, the scars and calluses disappear and the skin softens completely and you get beautiful, smooth and pink heels. 

Treatment of toenails with 


vinegar Vinegar is a natural moisturizer and disinfectant. It is placed after dilution with water at a ratio of one tablespoon of vinegar to every three tablespoons of water. It is placed on the foot and left overnight. Then in the morning, the skin is peeled with a natural pumice stone and rinsed. Do not forget to dry and moisturize, which is one of the basics of treatment and foot care 

nail treatment The foot from the pharmacy 


 The third method is pharmacological medical treatment through medicines from the pharmacy or going to the doctor and surgically removing the cornea. Before taking a surgical procedure, you must also follow the adjuvant drug treatment before and after the operation and use an ointment to treat the cornea to soften and moisturize the skin or to remove the callus. There are many types Such as the following: 


  •  An ointment containing salicylic acid Peeling
  •  creams containing urea, ammonium lactate and salicylic
  •  acid Effective salicylic acid patches The 
  • use of Flexitol ointment, which consists of a formula with softening properties of the skin of the nail to get rid of it, such as alpha hydroxyl acid, which is safe on the skin Contains moisturizing urea also


we presented You have a set of multiple ways in which you can permanently treat corns by taking full care of the skin of the soles of the feet, which prevents its occurrence and recurrence.follow-up on moisturizing the feet after washing and drying. Care is the precious treasure for healing. 


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