Daily Vaginal Wash

Daily Vaginal Wash

Maintaining the cleanliness of sensitive areas is an important matter that protects girls from diseases and transmission of infections and infections, but since they are sensitive places, a girl must be very careful when cleaning these places and choose a daily vaginal wash that suits her skin so as not to cause her damage.

The best daily wash for the vagina, 

Femi Fresh , is the best wash for the sensitive area on the market, as it cleans and perfumes the sensitive area while maintaining the pH of the area, and it also maintains the balance of the mucous membranes and rid the sensitive area of ​​harmful bacteria.

Here are some tips for proper care of the intimate area:


  • Do not use vaginal douches in any form or type, and do not use feminine sprays, deodorants, perfumes, regular soaps and any soap containing perfumes to avoid inflammation, pain and irritation in the area.
  • Do not use an herbal vaginal steam bath, as there is little scientific evidence to suggest that vaginal steaming is effective, and the steam cannot penetrate the vaginal tissues or reach anywhere near the uterus. Steam that is too hot can cause severe burns, because the area you're targeting is very sensitive.
  • Underwear should be soaked with perspiration, menstrual blood, or any other fluid. It is also recommended to urinate after intercourse to avoid a urinary tract infection.
  • Wipe from front to back after urination and when washing the area with water or drying it after going to the bathroom.
  • See a gynecologist if there is any sudden change in the smell of the vagina, especially if the smell is very strong, as a bad smell often indicates bacterial vaginosis, and frequent cleaning will not remove the smell and may even make the infection worse. A bad smell may indicate the presence of bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal yeast infection or thrush and its symptoms include itching in sensitive areas, white or yellow secretions, a feeling of burning, thick secretions, the accumulation of a white layer on the lining of the vulva, and pain during intercourse, so do not try to hide the natural smells with perfumes and lotions.

Daily Vagina Wash with Herbs 

You can prepare a daily vagina wash at home using natural materials in appropriate quantities, and we will explain how to make several natural recipes: 

  • Rose water and lavender lotion: Rose water contains antioxidant properties and helps treat infections that affect Sensitive places, lavender oil acts as a hypoallergenic and prevents skin irritation, in addition to witch hazel, which is a good moisturizer and has a nice texture. The recipe can be prepared through:
  1. a cup of distilled water, and in the absence of distilled water, the water can be boiled and then cooled.
  2. 1/4 cup rose water to distilled water.
  3. A quarter cup of witch hazel.
  4. Drops of lavender oil.
  5. The ingredients are mixed and then used.
  • Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is a substance that treats vaginal infections and fungi and helps get rid of annoying vaginal secretions. It is used by placing a few drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water, then washing the sensitive area with this mixture and repeating the recipe as needed.
  • Lemon leaves: Lemon is one of the substances that help get rid of allergies, eliminate bacteria and prevent infections, in addition to the favorite smell of lemon leaves. This recipe can be prepared by:
  1. Boil some lemon leaves in a cup of water.
  2. Filter the water and remove the remnants of the lemon leaves.
  3. After the water reaches a temperature commensurate with the body, the sensitive area is washed with this mixture.


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