Treating bad odor in sensitive areas

Treating bad odor in sensitive areas

Many women wonder how to take care of their bodies and maintain the smoothness of their skin, and they especially want to know how to treat the bad smell in sensitive areas, take care of them and perfume them to get rid of the bad smell, as they need constant care and hygiene because they are vulnerable to infection due to bacteria and fungi that multiply in the surrounding moist environment. out. .

In this article, we will show you ways to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the sensitive area and tips for cleaning and perfuming it.

How to treat bad smell in sensitive areas


Bad odors in the body result from the accumulation of bacteria and fungi as a result of sweating or lack of ventilation in these areas.

 So it needs special and regular care and keep it clean at all times.

Here are the most important tips that help treat the bad smell in sensitive areas:

  • Take a daily shower with water and use Femi Fresh Vaginal Wash that is suitable for your body throughout the summer and day after day at most in the winter.
  • Removing hair from the sensitive area, because it contributes to the growth of bacteria and the spread of unpleasant odor, and avoiding infection of this area while removing hair from it, so as not to cause infections and the appearance of pimples.
  • Wear comfortable, unobtrusive cotton underwear, and change it regularly after you go out and go home.
  • Use sanitary napkins when you go out for long periods, and change them every few hours to absorb any secretions or sweat and to prevent any infections due to sweat.
  • Never leave this area wet, whether by wearing wet, non-cotton clothes, or sitting for long periods in sweaty underwear.
  • Make sure to dry the body well after showering, whether the feet, armpits, or sensitive areas, because moisture causes more unpleasant odors.
  • Clean the pubic area with a cotton pad moistened with lavender or rose oil.
  • Take a shower immediately after intercourse, and don't wait too long to prevent any bacteria, as most things that cause discharge and odors don't pay attention to intimate hygiene after intercourse.
  • Pay attention to cleaning sensitive areas during your period, as the skin tends to get infections and bacteria more than normal periods.
  • Change your sanitary pads during your period every three hours, and wash your bikini area twice a day.
  • Consume natural juices regularly, especially cranberry juice, pineapple juice and yogurt, as studies have proven that they have a magical effect in treating bad smell in sensitive areas.

How to perfume the sensitive area for married couples

 We know how important it is to have a pleasant smell for the intimate area, and the unpleasant odors are usually caused by sweat and lack of cleaning, but if the smells are severe while caring for the sensitive area, follow up with Doctor to make sure there is no infection.

To perfume the sensitive area, here are the following ways:

  • Natural juices: Consume natural juices constantly, especially cranberry juice, pineapple juice and yogurt, as studies have proven the strength of their effect in giving sensitive areas a good smell.
  • White Musk: One of the most beautiful perfumes that you can use in sensitive areas safely, put small cubes of musk in an appropriate amount of water, then dip a clean cotton in it and wipe the sensitive areas of the body, especially the vaginal area. 
  • You can use ready-made bottles of white musk, moisten them with a drop of musk and wipe the area.
  • Vanilla: Mix liquid and concentrated vanilla with warm water in a bathtub, and sit in it to give your body relaxation and a beautiful scent.
  • Salt: Salt helps to remove unwanted odors, especially after menstruation, put an amount of salt in the bathtub and sit for a few minutes or wash the area with it.
  • Rose water: Mix starch with a tablespoon of rose water and put it in the outer area of ​​the vagina, and you will get skin lightening in this area with a good smell as well.


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