Treatment of external hemorrhoids with home remedies

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with home remedies

occur as a result of the dilation and thinning of the blood vessels in and around the anal area, which leads to irritation and swelling of the veins and a painful sensation, especially when passing stool. hemorrhoidsExternal hemorrhoids can be treated in several ways, starting with some home methods or prescribing some laxatives to resorting to surgery in advanced cases.

Learn about the best external hemorrhoids treatment, other non-surgical methods, and how long to treat external hemorrhoids in this article.

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What are the causes of external hemorrhoids?

Straining during bowel movements is the main reason for the development of hemorrhoids, and pressure on the anus often occurs as a result of chronic constipation or diarrhea, which leads to an obstruction of blood flow in and out of the anal area, causing blood to appear. and dilation of blood vessels.

Among the causes of external hemorrhoids:

  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy causes great pressure on the blood vessels in the anal area.
  • Heredity: People with first-degree relatives suffering from hemorrhoids are more likely to develop hemorrhoids than others.
  • Sitting for long periods: External hemorrhoids can develop as a result of prolonged sitting, which puts extra pressure on the anal veins. Therefore, older adults who reduce their physical activity with age may be more vulnerable than others.
  • obesity.

External hemorrhoids cause irritation and itching in the anal area, sometimes the pain from external hemorrhoids can become severe due to the formation of a blood clot in the dilated vein, but most of the time the clots dissolve on their own. In some cases, some type of medication or surgical removal is necessary. 

Treatment of External Hemorrhoids 


The method of treating external hemorrhoids depends on the degree of development of hemorrhoids and the severity of the pain experienced by the patient. 

Home remedies are among the most common ways to treat external hemorrhoids after symptoms appear, which are pain around the anus, difficulty sitting, and pain when defecation.

The treatment of external hemorrhoids at home includes these recipes:

  • Coconut oil: Using coconut oil is one of the effective treatments for external hemorrhoids, as it can be started as soon as you feel the symptoms of hemorrhoids, and put it on the affected area to reduce it. swelling.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera is known as one of the famous home remedies in the world of cosmetics, wounds and burns, as its effectiveness is great, as it contains rich anti-inflammatory properties, and it is also effective in cases of itching and swelling caused by hemorrhoids by applying aloe vera on the affected area.
  • One of the most prominent causes of hemorrhoids is dehydration of the body and not drinking water or fluids in general, so the body must be well hydrated by drinking water in large quantities, to keep the anal area moist to avoid any irritation or swelling. .
  • Ice cube packs can also be used on the hemorrhoid area until the entire treatment period is complete.
  • Wet wipes can also help keep you clean without further irritating hemorrhoids. You can also find wipes with soothing and anti-hemorrhoid ingredients, such as aloe vera, but you need to make sure that the wipes you choose do not contain alcohol, perfumes, or any irritants as these can aggravate symptoms rather than relieve them.
  • Allergy sufferers should be taken into consideration when using any kind of home remedies, and ensure their effectiveness on the patient without harm, by applying a natural ingredient such as aloe vera on a small part of the skin and leaving it for hours and waiting for the result.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with

garlic Garlic is one of the natural ingredients that have been used since ancient times in the treatment of many diseases, among them hemorrhoids.

One report advised applying garlic immediately after confirming the infection of hemorrhoids because it improves blood circulation and removes abnormal or unwanted free radical cells.

How to treat hemorrhoids with garlic:

  • You can eat a clove of raw garlic with a glass of fresh milk before going to bed to moisturize the stomach and digestive system and facilitate stool removal.
  •  A clove of garlic can also be applied to the affected area to get its benefits. It also helps reduce hemorrhoids in the anus by reducing inflammation and acts as an antibacterial agent.
  • The third method is to mix garlic with coconut oil and then apply it to the area to reduce the size of hemorrhoids.

The duration of treatment for external hemorrhoids depends on its type and symptoms, as it disappears within a few days in mild and small cases, but when internal hemorrhoids develop or as they are called prolapsed, it takes longer in the treatment phase, which can be up to two weeks.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids without surgery

In some cases, medications may not help relieve the symptoms of external hemorrhoids, so when pain occurs and the condition worsens, the doctor may resort to some non-surgical medical procedures to remove external hemorrhoids. 

Methods for treating external hemorrhoids without surgery include:

  • Attaching the external hemorrhoid with a rubber band to cut off the blood supply until it falls out.
  • Sclerotherapy, in which a substance is injected into the external hemorrhoid to help shrink it.
  • Electrotherapy, also called electrocoagulation, involves passing an electric current to an external hemorrhoid to shrink them. 

Prevention of external hemorrhoids

It is necessary to follow preventive methods to avoid the problem of injuries as well as to heal, which means that it is important to follow the following preventive tips:

  • Protect yourself from constipation.
  • Include dietary fiber in your diet.
  • Drink enough water daily.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Use the bathroom when you feel like it, and don't put yourself off.
  • Reduce the time you spend sitting on the toilet seat.


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