Moisturizing cream for superior body care, and body freshness

Moisturizing cream for superior body care, and body freshness

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One of the most important products that many are keen to use, especially in the summer, is a moisturizing cream for the body, as it maintains the skin’s moisture and obtains a fresh and vibrant skin. In detail about moisturizing creams for the body.

5 Benefits of Using a Moisturizing Cream That's Right for You

There are five benefits that can be obtained when using a moisturizing body cream, and these benefits are:

  • Helps moisturize the skin and thus appear more healthy.
  • Protection from damage that may occur as a result of exposure to harmful sunlight.
  • It makes the skin more fresh and vibrant, because it provides it with moisture.
  • Fighting infections , dry skin is more prone to inflammation .
  • Reducing the appearance of dry skin layers .

Areas of your body that need constant hydration.

There are some areas of the body that need to be moisturized more deeply than others using a moisturizing cream, and these areas are:


The hands are one of the areas that need to be constantly moisturized as a result of their constant exposure to water, so care must be taken to use a moisturizing cream periodically after each hand washing to get an amazing result, but care must be taken to choose a moisturizing cream that is fast-absorbing and its effectiveness lasts for several hours.

legs and arms

It is common knowledge that the legs and arms are among the things that are not exposed to water greatly, and it is not exposed to external factors such as air and dust, so they can be moisturized once in the evening after taking a shower, but in the summer and with frequent exposure to water, care must be taken to apply the cream after each wash with water.

Knee and heel of the feet

Many women suffer from cracked and dry feet and knees , so it is preferable to use the heel moisturizer cream three times a day if the cracking is large, but to get softness only for the heels, it is preferable to use the cream once in the evening.


Appropriate dates for using and maintaining a moisturizing cream

When using a moisturizer for the skin, it is preferable to use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, as it acts as a protective factor from external factors during the day, and works to repair damage to the skin and renew cells in the evening.

But there is nothing to prevent the use of a fast-absorbing moisturizing cream after every time the skin is exposed to water , especially the areas that are constantly exposed to water, such as the hand and the leg, to maintain the vitality and freshness of the skin for a longer period.

Disadvantages of using a moisturizing cream of unknown origin without the advice of a medical authority

There are some creams scattered in the market and their source is unknown and cause great harm to the skin, and these damages they cause are:

  • The spread of acne on the skin.
  • The appearance of stretch marks on the skin.
  • Contact dermatitis.
  • Suffering from skin thinning.
  • Spread of hair in the areas on which the cream is applied.
  • Inflammation of the hair follicles in the skin, and the exit of boils and abscesses.
  • Rosacea disease.
  • The appearance of some sores, infections or allergies.

It is one of the best moisturizing creams used to treat dry skin, especially in thicker areas of the skin.


One of the best moisturizing creams that can be used to moisturize thick skin such as hands, feet, elbow and knee and treat problems is Hydra Soft Moisturizing Cream, it features:

  • It works on thicker areas of the skin .
  • It works to repair the temporary imbalance of the acidity balance in the skin.
  • Fights dandruff that results from dehydration, and helps in cell renewal.
  • Contributes to tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It increases the strength of the skin's immunity and its tolerance to difficult external factors.
  • It restores the skin's vitality and freshness, especially in the winter for oily skin and in the summer for dry skin.
  • Makes the skin clean and comfortable.
  • It does not cause blisters or any allergic reactions.
  • Easily absorbed by the skin.

How to use

It is preferable to apply the Hydra-Soft cream after washing the area with water, after which the area is dried from the water and the Hydra-soft moisturizing cream is applied to obtain fresh and smooth skin.

It is preferable to use once or twice a day.

Active Ingredients

The cream contains many important active ingredients that help in rejuvenating and treating the skin. The most important of these ingredients are: Dexpanthenol, 5% of Yoya, olive oil, and vitamin E.


In conclusion, we have known about Hydra Soft Moisturizing Cream, which helps greatly in treating skin problems from dehydration, and provides it with freshness and vitality and fights wrinkles. Of all skin types, it can be used safely.


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