Best hair loss treatment recipes

Best hair loss treatment recipes

Many are looking for a hair loss treatment after it has become a common problem faced by a large percentage of women and men alike.

There are many reasons for hair loss, for example: environmental pollution, exposure to harsh sunlight, lack of healthy nutrition, lack of hydration, and other basic factors behind severe hair loss, which requires a lot of care and effort to get a perfect and vibrant image. 

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Causes of hair loss

When you start noticing that more hair on your head is falling out than you used to, whether while combing your hair, while sleeping, or at any time of the day.

 You suffer from hair loss that will start in a simple and subtle way, but if you do not pay attention to it and start looking for a quick treatment for severe hair loss as soon as possible, the loss begins to increase and reaches an advanced stage.

Among the reasons that lead to hair loss:


  • Lack of care and hydration: Lack of care and attention to the health, beauty and cleanliness of the hair, which is self-evident, as the hair faces different temperatures on a daily basis and the surrounding environmental conditions such as dryness and humidity. It is also exposed to impurities in the air, sunlight and lack of adequate nutrition. Therefore, it must be moisturized and taken care of periodically, especially dry hair.
  •  Genetic factors: It is possible for hair loss to be genetic, and hair loss begins at a certain age, especially with a history of baldness associated with some family members such as parents or grandparents.
  • Hormonal changes: The hormonal imbalance within the body is one of the biggest factors affecting hair growth, its density, frequent hair loss and weakness. So, if you experience any hormonal change over a period of time, it could lead to hair loss, reduced growth rate, or even complete hair damage until the hormones are naturally balanced again.
  • Use of chemical care products: The use of healthy and unauthorized hair care products that are healthy and medically for the hair may lead to dryness and burns, which leads to severe hair loss, so the best types of creams or cosmetics for hair loss in women should be chosen.
  • Hair dyes and creams: With the frequent use of chemical treatments for hair, such as dyes of all kinds or creams for straightening, the rate of hair loss from the scalp increases. Therefore, the use of these products should be reduced. It is recommended to choose organic products that contain safe natural ingredients.
  •  Stress and stress: severe stress and nervous tension are one of the most important factors for hair loss, as this leads to an imbalance in hormone levels and a lack of nutrients necessary for hair growth and repair of damaged hair.
  • Alopecia areata: This is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the skin, causing hair loss in separate areas of the scalp in the form of bald patches the size of a coin. All body hair is lost in what is known as global alopecia.
  • Medications and medical treatments: Some medications are the cause of hair loss. Hair growth often returns to normal when you stop taking these medications.

Natural hair loss treatment Natural

extracts such as onions and garlic are among the greatest substances that help in hair growth and restore its density.

These natural substances are extracted and put into medicinal forms that help treat hair loss.

The active substances are also extracted from them and mixed in good-smelling preparations or carrier oils such as coconut oil until the hair is treated with it.

How to treat hair loss with garlic

The sulfur and selenium present in garlic help strengthen hair roots, and garlic has antimicrobial properties that help kill germs and bacteria responsible for scalp damage, which works to stop hair loss and re-growth of hair.

Here are the ways to treat hair loss with garlic:

  • Garlic and honey: Mix finely chopped garlic with honey, apply the paste to the hair and scalp, leave the mixture for 30 minutes or more, and then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Garlic and Coconut Oil: Mix chopped garlic with warm coconut oil, massage the mixture into the scalp, leave it for half an hour and then rinse it off.
  • Garlic and ginger: Grind garlic and ginger together to form a paste. Heat the paste with a few drops of a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, or almond oil. As soon as the paste turns brown, turn off the heat.

Massage the mixture on the head after it has cooled for 15 minutes, then leave it for an hour before washing it off.

Note: Using garlic alone on the scalp can irritate the skin, so adding it to a carrier oil helps moisturize and protect the skin.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

No matter what kind of hair loss treatment for girls or guys there are, there are many tips that are recommended to apply to everyone; To strengthen hair and prevent its loss, including:

  • scalp massage is one of the healthy things that it is recommended to apply, and this is done by using the fingers, and gently massaging the scalp, in circular motions, for 5 minutes a day, as this promotes hair growth and maintains it. Strong and healthy. 
  • Stress and stress are one of the main factors for hair loss, so care must be taken to reduce stress by all available means, such as practicing all kinds of sports, focusing on meditation sessions, sound thinking, and other things that help clear the mind of thoughts, and problems that psychologically affect the body. 
  • It is recommended to brush and wash the hair regularly. The number of washings depends on the type of hair and the degree of washing. It is preferable to choose the right type of shampoo for the type of hair. To help prevent his fall. 
  • Hair is at its weakest when wet. It is important not to comb it while it is wet, and wait for it to dry. It is also necessary to choose healthy types of hair combs; so as not to damage it or break it, taking into account the selection of the right hair accessories; so as not to fall. 
  • It is very important to follow a healthy diet; So that it ensures proper hair growth and prevents its loss, provided that the foods eaten contain all the necessary nutrients, such as B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc, protein, and healthy fats, or take supplements of these elements. It is preferable to eat the following foods more often; Because of their importance to hair health, such as: lentils, strawberries, poultry, flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, eggs, and yogurt. 
  • There are some hairstyles that do damage, especially those that rely on the use of heat; Extreme heat is very harmful to hair, and the use of dyes and hair bleaching methods should be minimized as much as possible, because they cause great damage to the hair, which leads to its loss. 
  • It is recommended to sleep on soft pillows such as satin. This is to avoid contact with the hair and thus breakage and fall.


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