Diaper cream, to fully care for the softness of your baby's skin and prevent skin infections

Diaper cream, to fully care for the softness of your baby's skin and prevent skin infections

Infections that affect children in the diaper area are common problems and cause concern for mothers, so care must be taken to use a diaper cream to help prevent infections and exfoliation, and care must be taken to keep this area dry and clean, so through this article, the best Diaper cream.


Causes of skin infections in children

There are several reasons that must be recognized before identifying the best type of diaper cream, and the most important of these reasons are:

  • Sensitivity to the presence of urine or stool in the diaper, as these pollutants cause irritation and sensitivity of the skin, especially if the child defecates several times in a row, or suffers from diarrhea, stools sensitize the skin more than urine.
  • Constant friction and rubbing, especially if the diaper is small on the child, that he is wearing tight clothes that rub against the skin, causing allergies.
  • Irritation to the skin as a result of using a new product that interacts with the baby’s skin, or the use of a new brand of diapers on the child, and the detergents used to clean cloth diapers may cause skin irritation.
  • Bacterial or fungal infection causes skin inflammation and then begins to spread to the areas surrounding it, and the areas between the thighs and buttocks are one of the most affected areas, as it is a warm and humid area, which makes it an active environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • The child eats new foods, especially at the beginning of eating solid foods, where the stool content varies, or the number of defecations increases, and thus a rash occurs in the diaper area, and if the child is breast-feeding from the mother, he may develop a rash as a result of being allergic to food that the mother has eaten.
  • Sensitive skin, some children have skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or flexor dermatitis, they are prone to developing rashes, but atopic dermatitis causes these children to suffer from dermatitis in all areas of the body and not only in the diaper area.
  • Take antibiotics, as they work to kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria in the body. There are bacteria that control the growth of fungi in the diaper place, and when killed, it works on the growth of rash-causing fungi, and antibiotics increase diarrhea and thus increase the rash.


Consequences of leaving skin infections untreated

A child develops a rash, but when neglected to treat it, it may cause the following:

  • Incidence of large skin ulcers, and the appearance of pimples, boils and crusts on the skin.
  • The appearance of bleeding on the skin, and the color of the rash turns bright red.
  • Inability to sleep due to the rash.
  • An increase in body temperature.
  • Tiredness, fatigue and inability to move.

How to choose the right type of nappy for your baby

Diapers are one of the things that mothers are confused about in choosing what is suitable for their child, but we will help you choose the right one for your child through the following points:

  • It is preferable that the thickness of the diaper be small and therefore does not take up space in the clothes, and that the spacing between the thighs is less than that of thick diapers.
  • The power of absorption should be high, in order to make the area less wet and thus reduce the rash that affects this area.
  • The adhesive should be strong, so you can control the closure of the nappy, preventing leakage and wetness.
  • The elastic sides make the child more comfortable, and make him move freely and smoothly, as they take the shape of the body, and prevent leakage.
  • Choosing the right size for the baby's weight, it's one of the most common ways to know the right size for the baby, especially for new mothers.

The best diaper cream to protect your baby's skin all the time

Kiddi Soft diaper rash cream is one of the best types of diaper cream, as it contains natural ingredients that protect the skin from rashes, and treat it from wet diapers, and it is one of the best types that can be used on the sensitive skin of children, as it contains a substance Provitamin B5, zinc oxide, and sesame oil, these ingredients effectively help in caring for the baby's skin, protecting it from rashes and treating diaper problems.

Tips for using a diaper cream

When using a diaper cream, every mother should take into account the following tips to treat and prevent rashes, which are:

  • Be sure to change the diaper every two hours, and after the child has eliminated his need.
  • Wash the affected area with warm water, and you should not rely entirely on wet wipes for cleaning.
  • Use a lotion or soap suitable for sensitive skin when cleaning the bottom of the stool, and the cleaner should not be used every time.
  • Leave the baby for a little time without clothes to allow the skin to dry and breathe.
  • Drying is done by patting the skin with a cotton pad and not by rubbing, as it may increase inflammation.
  • Kidi Soft diaper rash cream is applied two or three times a day after making sure that the area is dry.
  • The new diaper should not be worn until after making sure that the child is completely dry from the water and that it has left enough time and is exposed to ventilation.
  • Make sure the child is comfortable after closing the nappy, and that it is not tight on him so as not to cause infections.
  • Be careful to wash your hands after every time you change a diaper.

In conclusion, after identifying the best type of diaper cream, which helps protect the baby’s skin from rashes, and also works to get rid of infections that may affect him, we mentioned the reasons why children develop rashes, and we mentioned the tips that must be followed before using diaper cream in order to treat the rash.

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