How to use a burn cream

How to use a burn cream

Some people are exposed to burns, and there is no place without burns, so specific types of burn cream must be available in places where injuries may occur in order to reduce the side effects of burns, and reduce the severity of the pain that the injured may feel, so in this article, we will identify The best types of burn cream and how long to use it.

degrees of burns

Burns usually cause tissue damage, and the degree of burn can be classified according to the thickness of the burned skin to find out a suitable burn cream for the degree, and it is classified as follows:

First degree burns

First-degree burns are minor burns that only affect the first layer of the skin. First-degree burns usually heal after three to six days and are defined as follows:

  • Cause pain to the casualty.
  • Dry and red.
  • When pressed, it turns white.
  • It does not leave a trace after it is healed.
  • This condition can be dealt with by applying analgesic creams or applying natural aloe vera gel to the area.

second degree burns

Second-degree burns or burns of thick skin occur in the first and second layers of the skin, and these burns may heal after seven to 21 days, and usually do not leave scars after healing, and can be described as follows:

  • A person feels pain when exposed to air.
  • The color of the skin is red.
  • When pressed, it turns white.
  • Usually blisters.
  • Leaves a darker or lighter color after the wound has healed.

Third degree burns

This degree of burn is in a deeper part of the skin, and it takes time to heal, usually taking more than three weeks, and this degree of burn can be described as follows:

  • Feeling sharp pain when pressing on it.
  • Some blisters form on it.
  • When pressed it does not turn white.
  • It usually leaves a large scar.
  • It is accompanied by swelling immediately after injury, where the burn is deep and partially thick.

Fourth degree burns

This degree is one of the most severe degrees of burns, as it takes all layers of the skin, as it works to damage cells, and its characteristics include:

  • The patient does not feel pain, because burns of this degree erode the nervous tissue that makes a person feel pain.
  • There is a white, waxy coating on the area that may be gray or charred black.
  • Skin cracking and dryness.
  • When pressed it does not turn white.
  • You need a surgical intervention, you can't heal without it.
  • It leaves a large scar after healing, and it takes a long trip of plastic surgeries to hide it.

What degree do you need to use a burn cream?

Burns are among the most common injuries that may occur at home, but third and fourth degree burns are among the burns that must be resorted to by a doctor to receive appropriate medical treatment for the case.

But first and second degree burns can be treated at home by using a burn cream, it helps relieve pain and helps the wound heal quickly, and it also prevents the infection from spreading to the wound.


Ingredients that must be present in the ointment for burns for the best result

Burns ointment is one of the creams that must be available in every home, as no home is free from exposure to burns, but an appropriate burn cream must be chosen, which must contain an antibiotic in order to treat burns and work to eliminate bacteria and thus not be exposed to infection. It should contain natural substances that help relieve pain and heal the wound faster.

The best types of burn cream and how long to use it for the best result

When searching for a burn cream, you will find that there are many types, and one of the best types that can be used is Bernie Free Cream

It enhances the wound healing process and aids its recovery, as it improves the appearance, reduces the occurrence of scars, helps in wound healing, and relieves pain.

The cream can be used in strong wounds that result from injuries, and it can also be used in the treatment of all types of burns, as it is suitable for all skin types.

Bernie Free Cream contains Beta-Sitosterol 0.25%, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Tea Oil and Vitamin E.

The correct way to use

For a quick recovery, you must know the correct way to use Bernie Free Cream, which is as follows:

  • Apply a thin layer of the cream, which may be about 1 mm thick, to the affected area.
  • It is preferable to keep the affected area exposed or to use a light bandage if necessary.
  • The cream is used three to four times a day if the burned area is exposed, and twice if the affected area is covered.

In conclusion, after getting to know Bernie Free Cream, which is the best cream for burns, it has a strong effect in treating first and second degree burns, and it can also be used after exposure to medical intervention in third and fourth degree burns, and the correct method of use has been identified to get the best result after use.


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