Treatment of severe hair loss in women

Treatment of severe hair loss in women

Many women suffer from many problems in their lives, and these problems affect them negatively, and may cause insomnia, and also affect their mood.

* It is known that hair is one of the reasons for a woman’s beauty and self-confidence, so I said it noticeably in the head, or the presence of large amounts of it on the comb, or the hair brush from things that are disturbing and not reassuring. Mood and psychological, it is certain that hair loss has causes: 

Causes of severe hair loss in women:

According to what medical studies have proven, and what was stated on the web teb medicine website that the normal rate of hair growth is about 90% of hair grows all the time, and the time required for hair growth may range from as long as Between two and six years, as for the remaining 10% of the hair, it is in the resting phase for a period that may extend from two to three months, and then this hair falls out with the end of the rest period, and when the hair falls out, new hair grows from the hair particles; To start a new growth cycle from the beginning, as head hair grows between 10 to 15 millimeters every month, however, as a person gets older, the pace of hair growth begins to slow down. 


     The phenomenon of severe hair loss in women: 

A- Natural.  

b- Caused by causes.

A - Natural hair loss:

Mostly the phenomenon of hair loss is a result of the natural growth cycle of hair. Falling at a pace ranging from 50 to 100 hairs per day is very natural, and it is worrying if the loss exceeds 120 hairs per day (and this is according to what medical studies have proven) . 

B - Abnormal and severe hair loss in women and its causes in detail:

  1. One of the causes of severe hair loss in women is physical and psychological stress. They lead to a large percentage of its loss, and this is what worries women greatly.
  2. One of the main causes of severe hair loss in women is the excessive use of materials that contain chemicals Such as: (dyes - creams - hair straightening creams - shampoo) which harm the scalp; They result in a noticeable and rapid loss of women's hair.

Some dyes contain harmful chemicals that affect the scalp and cause harm to it. Which leads to noticeable rapid hair loss, and creams that do not conform to medical specifications may be an effective cause of hair loss on the head.

Also, the excessive use of creams is the cause of blocking the pores of the scalp; This leads to hair loss on the head, especially the creams used to straighten the hair, as they weaken the hair and change its texture; This leads to hair stress and hair loss. 

The use of shampoos that do not comply with medical specifications also leads to significant and rapid hair loss as well; Which causes severe damage to the hair. 

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  1. What also causes severe hair loss in women is a lack of vitamins in the body, especially vitamin B7 and B12, as they strengthen the hair on the head, and prevent loss and damage.
  2. One of the causes of severe hair loss in women that many of them overlook, and recently proven by medical studies and research, is the high level of cholesterol in the blood, which may cause severe hair loss.
  3. One of the causes of severe hair loss in women that many of them do not notice is tension and psychological and nervous pressure that many do not pay attention to, which causes hair damage and loss.
  4. This also leads to severe head hair loss in women and a defect in the body’s immune system, which may cause general weakness and emaciation in the body, and result in hair loss in the head.
  5. One of the causes of severe hair loss in women is also a defect in the thyroid gland, and this imbalance results in the secretion of hormones in the body, and these hormones lead to hair loss.
  6. Among the reasons that lead to severe hair loss and profuse scalp infections resulting from dyes, creams, or individual creams or shampoos, or also resulting from a lack of vitamins, these chemicals and this lack of vitamins cause damage to the scalp that results in hair loss.

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  1. One of the causes of severe head hair loss in women is pregnancy and childbirth, especially with women who suffer from anemia or vitamin deficiency, which causes severe and worrying head hair loss.
  2. Some studies have proven that breastfeeding may be a major cause of hair loss in nursing mothers during the breastfeeding period.
  • (Diet), (diet), or (diet) may lead to hair loss; Which causes concern. 

You must consult a doctor when following a diet so that you can replace the missing vitamins that lead to hair loss, especially vitamin B7, B12, and vitamin D, in order to maintain the beauty and freshness of your hair, and thus avoid hair loss. 

After we mentioned the causes of severe hair loss in women, here are the solutions:

A - Natural solutions.

B - Pharmaceutical solutions.

A - Natural solutions for severe hair loss in women:

All of them are very simple and safe solutions. These solutions are:

1- Scalp massage: 

where massage helps to improve hair density, especially when done regularly, with the use of suitable oil, especially almond oil.

Massaging with green tea - after steeping it and then spraying it on the hair - helps to relieve the head of the production of new hair.

2- Putting onion juice on the hair:

it helps hair growth; Because it is rich in sulfur

3- Use of Indian goosberry juice:

it helps to accelerate the growth of natural skin papillary cells in hair follicles, and this leads to increased growth.

4- Using fenugreek seeds: After soaking them for a day and then grinding them, the mixture is placed on the hair for 30 to 40 minutes, during which the hair is covered with a cap and then rinsed. The fenugreek seeds strengthen the hair, help treat its damaged follicles, and stimulate its growth.

5- Using aloe vera gel: Aloe

vera radish is one of the safe and auxiliary means for treating hair. It is extracted from the aloe vera plant, it reduces hair loss and strengthens its follicles.

B - Pharmacological solutions for the treatment of hair loss in women:

where medicines contain large and concentrated quantities of vitamins and minerals that the body is unable to obtain from foods, the most important of these medicines are:

1 - Food supplements of vitamins and minerals:

they help to restore fallen hair, especially containing omega-3 extracted from fish oil; It provides a strong food that the body needs, and helps hair growth.

2 - Iron capsules:

Iron is one of the important elements that the body needs, and it is important in treating hair loss. Because its deficiency affects the body with anemia, which directly affects hair loss.

3- Topical biotin:

it is one of the vitamins that effectively helps in the treatment of hair loss. It increases blood flow to the follicles, stimulating them to produce hair.

4- Shampoos and foaming liquids:

They are effective and quick ways to treat hair loss, as they have no side effects, and at the same time are safe for pregnant and lactating women

. 5- Ketoconazole:

It is available in the form of a shampoo, which helps treat severe infections, and enhances the Strengthens hair and improves its appearance.

Ketoconazole also treats androgenetic alopecia, in which the scalp becomes infected, and it is an important drug in the treatment of severe hair loss in women.

6- Hormones: Hormones

are used to treat severe hair loss in women, as there is an imbalance in the level of hormones at menopause, so the body needs hormones to compensate for the lost.

Doctors suggest medications such as: birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy such as estrogen and progesterone.

7- Minoxidil solution:

It stimulates the hair again, and reduces the area of ​​empty spots on the head.

Studies have also proven its effectiveness in treating women with androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness.

8- Corticosteroid injections:

they treat severe hair loss in women, and have proven their effectiveness in treating alopecia areata, as the injection helps hair grow again.

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 Thus, we have dealt with severe hair loss in women in terms of it being a disturbing phenomenon for them.

We have presented the main and common causes of hair loss.

How to treat hair loss.

Natural solutions for hair loss.

Medication solutions for hair loss.


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