Methods of treating high pressure

Methods of treating high pressure

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you may also be concerned about taking medications to lower it . But lifestyle plays an important role in managing your pressure. If you can successfully control your blood pressure through a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid or reduce the need for medication.

There are many factors that lead to high blood pressure, most notably the genetic factor, which is the infection of first-degree family members with this disease, or the individual being constantly exposed to psychological stress and tension, which leads to high blood pressure, as well as diabetics among the most vulnerable groups.

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Treatment of high pressure The

first steps to reduce high blood pressure is the patient's need to follow a healthy balanced diet that does not harm the health of the heart, which is approved by consulting a specialized dietitian, and which is often free of salts and sugars.

There are several tips or steps that can help a patient with high blood pressure lower it in a healthy and balanced manner, and prevent its sudden rise.

These tips can be listed as follows:

  • Make sure you exercise regularly.
  • A diet to lose weight helps treat stress.
  • Reduce the intake of foods that contain sodium.
  • Avoid smoking, it is the most dangerous cause of heart disease.
  • Avoid alcohol, it is also a risk factor for high blood pressure.
  • Avoid stress and excessive feelings by practicing yoga.
  • Use some treatments such as acupuncture or light massage.


Herbal stress treatment

Did you know that some may resort to natural herbal treatment in order to reduce pressure, in the event of an accidental rise, by eating ginger and celery, as scientific research has proven that eating such herbs leads to control ofblood pressure rates.

Among the herbs that are used in the treatment of pressure:

  • Hibiscus drink is the perfect solution to treat sudden high blood pressure at home, by eating cold hibiscus without adding sugar.
  • Also, drinking plenty of water helps widen the blood vessels and thus reduces the rate of high blood pressure.
  • Pomegranate syrup is also useful in lowering blood pressure, but it must be taken with caution so that there is no significant drop in blood pressure levels, so that it does not exceed two cups per day.
  • Garlic: Garlic contains compounds, such as allicin, that have been shown to relax blood vessels and help blood flow. Which may help lower blood pressure.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps widen and relax blood vessels, which may help lower blood pressure.
  • Ginger lowers high pressure by acting as a natural calcium channel blocker and vasodilator.
  • Thyme contains powerful compounds, such as rosmarinic acid, that help relax blood vessels. However, researchers need to do more studies in humans.
  • Basil also contains compounds such as eugenol that may help lower blood pressure. However, more research is needed to confirm this effect.
  • Parsley: Parsley contains a variety of compounds, such as vitamin C and dietary carotenoids, that may help treat high blood pressure. 

Reducing high pressure at home

There are many lifestyle changes that help reduce high pressure without the use of medications, including:

  • Regular exercise, as exercise helps strengthen the heart and pump blood efficiently, which helps treat pressure.
  • 150 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, such as running, per week can help reduce high blood pressure and improve heart health.
  • Reduce sodium intake: Many experts have linked high salt intake to high blood pressure and heart problems, and if a person has high blood pressure, they should reduce their sodium intake to see if it makes a difference. Processed foods should be replaced with fresh foods and salt should be replaced with herbs and spices.
  • Reduce your caffeine consumption as caffeine causes an immediate effect on blood pressure. However, there is not a lot of evidence to suggest that drinking caffeine regularly can cause a permanent rise in blood pressure.
  • In fact, people who drink caffeinated coffee and tea tend to be less likely to develop heart disease, including high blood pressure, than those who don't. 
  • Fight stress: Stress is the main driver of high blood pressure. When a person is stressed, they may be more likely to engage in other behaviors that can negatively affect blood pressure, such as drinking alcohol or eating unhealthy foods.
  • Thus, staying away from sources of anxiety and stress can help lower blood pressure. Here are two evidence-based tips to try:
  • Listen to calming music
  • Less work: Hard work and stressful work situations are associated with high blood pressure.
  • Practice meditation and deep breathing techniques: Both meditation and deep breathing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which works when the body relaxes, slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure.
  • Eating small amounts of dark chocolate is good for heart health and lowering high blood pressure, because dark chocolate and cocoa powder are rich in flavonoids, which are plant compounds that cause blood vessels to dilate.


  • Reduce consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates: All refined carbohydrates, such as the kind found in white flour, quickly turn into sugar in the bloodstream and can cause problems. Low-carb diets help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Calcium-rich foods are also considered stress-reducing foods, as they are linked to healthy blood pressure levels. Calcium can be obtained by eating dark leafy green vegetables, tofu and dairy products.


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