Daily mouthwash

Daily mouthwash

Some believe that proper cleaning of the mouth and teeth using the appropriate brush and paste, along with dental floss, is one of the best ways to avoid dental problems and gum infections, but this method does not clean all areas of the oral cavity, so it is necessary to use a daily mouthwash.

Types of mouthwash

There are several different types of mouthwash available in the market, and these types vary according to the purpose of their use, and they are as follows:

Mouthwash rich in fluoride

This type of mouthwash helps prevent tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel, as it is effective in overcoming dryness The throat works to prevent the bacteria that cause it.

Anti-gingivitis mouthwash

recommended for adults as well as brushing, toothpaste and flossing to provide complete oral protection by preventing the buildup of bacteria that causes plaque and gingivitis.

Plaque prevention mouthwash is often also effective at preventing tartar formation, which occurs as a result of the prolonged buildup of untreated plaque.

Antiseptic mouthwash

This type of mouthwash usually contains a large percentage of alcohol, which is effective in eliminating germs and viruses from inside the mouth and preventing their build-up.

Antibacterial mouthwash

which is effective in preventing infections of cavities, dental plaque and gums by preventing the growth of bacteria that cause them, but its effect is usually preventive rather than curative.

Mouthwash for sensitive teeth

This type usually contains potassium citrate, calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate, stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride, all or some, which strengthen teeth and reduce sensitivity.

Mouthwash to eliminate bad breath

Denta Calm daily mouthwash improves breathing and moisturizes the mouth to prevent dryness and also reduces tooth and gum pain.

Tips for using a daily mouthwash

There are a number of tips to keep in mind when using a daily mouthwash to ensure the best results, including the following:

  • Always make sure to measure the correct amount of mouthwash, as indicated on the package.
  • Rinse your mouth for a full thirty seconds.
  • If you use an alcohol-based mouthwash, use it no more than twice daily to avoid drying out your mouth and gums.
  • Refrain from eating and drinking for 30 minutes after using the preparation, until the active ingredients have done their work.
  • Avoid swallowing the lotion.


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