Causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss

We suffer from many problems in our lives, and these problems affect us negatively, and they also affect our mood.

* From what many suffer from the problem of hair loss, it is known that hair is one of the reasons for the beauty of a person, so I said it noticeably in the head, or the presence of large amounts of it on the comb or hairbrush of the disturbing and not reassuring things, this loss and these large quantities on the comb or brush are sure It has reasons:

According to what medical studies have proven, and what was stated on the web teb medicine website , the normal rate of hair growth is about 90% of hair grows all the time, and the required period for hair growth may range between two to six years, while the remaining 10% of hair is in During that period, they are in the resting phase for a period that may extend from two to three months, then this hair falls out with the end of the rest period, and when the hair falls out, new hair grows from the hair particles; To start a new growth cycle from the beginning, as head hair grows between 10 to 15 millimeters every month, however, as a person gets older, the pace of hair growth begins to slow down.


  • Natural hair loss:

Mostly, the phenomenon of hair loss is a result of the natural growth cycle of hair. Falling at a pace ranging from 50 to 100 hairs per day is very normal.

  • Causes of hair loss:

There are many disturbing causes of hair loss, sometimes the reason is a defect in the immune system, or hair loss is due to a defect in the thyroid gland, or hair loss is due to infections in the scalp, or hair loss due to high cholesterol in the blood, or hair loss Because of the chemicals that are placed on the hair, or some shampoos that are harmful to the scalp, and sometimes hair loss is caused by psychological or nervous tension, and sometimes the loss is caused by a lack of vitamins, and sometimes stress leads to hair loss, or sometimes hair falls out in women due to pregnancy, childbirth or Breast feeding .

Here are the causes of hair loss in detail:

  1. One of the main causes of hair loss is the excessive use of materials that contain chemicals Such as: (dyes - creams - hair straightening creams - shampoo) which harm the scalp; They result in noticeable and rapid hair loss.

Some dyes contain harmful chemicals that affect the scalp and cause harm to it. Which leads to noticeable rapid hair loss, and creams that do not conform to medical specifications may be an effective cause of hair loss on the head.

Also, the excessive use of creams is the cause of blocking the pores of the scalp; Which leads to

Head hair loss, especially creams used to straighten hair, as they weaken the hair and change its texture; This leads to hair stress and hair loss.

The use of shampoos that do not comply with medical specifications also leads to significant and rapid hair loss as well; Which causes severe damage to the hair.

  1. One of the causes of hair loss is physical or psychological stress They lead to a large percentage of its fall.
  2. One of the causes of hair loss that many do not notice is stress, psychological and nervous pressure Which do not pay much attention to hair damage and fall.
  3. What also causes hair loss is a lack of vitamins in the body, especially vitamin B7, B12, and vitamin D, as they strengthen the hair on the head and prevent loss and damage.
  4. One of the causes of hair loss that is overlooked by many and proven by recent medical studies and research is the high level of cholesterol in the blood, which may cause hair loss on the head.
  5. One of the reasons for the loss is also the presence of a defect in the thyroid gland, and this imbalance results in the secretion of hormones in the body, and these hormones lead to profuse hair loss.
  6. Among the reasons that lead to profuse hair loss are scalp infections resulting from dyes, creams, individual creams, or shampoos, or also resulting from a lack of vitamins.
  7. This also leads to hair loss and a defect in the body's immune system Which may cause general weakness and emaciation in the body, and result in hair loss in the head.
  8. One of the causes of head hair loss - especially for women - is pregnancy and childbirth Especially with women who suffer from anemia or lack of vitamins, which causes hair loss on the head.
  9. Some studies have proven that breastfeeding may be an essential cause of hair loss. A nursing woman does not worry if she notices hair loss; This is nothing to worry about.

There are substances added to hair products that lead to long-term hair loss, especially when they are overused or used for a long time:

  1. Barine :

 The parain , which is added to some hair products, leads to significant loss; It leads to dry hair, irritation of the scalp, and also leads to hair breakage, with fading of hair color, and consequently a lack of nourishment for hair follicles, and all of this leads to hair loss in a large proportion.

  1. Caffeine products:

of the substances that lead to hair loss is caffeine - which is found in coffee - caffeine limits blood flow; Thus, the blood supply to the hair roots is reduced; Hair falls out due to caffeine.

  1. Ammonia:

 It is one of the substances that lead to long-term hair loss. It is added to many hair dyes, as it raises the acidity of the hair to 10 -10.5 , and this increase in acidity resulting from ammonia weakens the hair shaft by destroying the protein inside it; This eventually leads to hair loss and breakage, which causes severe damage.

  1. Sulfur:

 Sulfur is one of the substances that lead to hair loss. Where it is added to shampoos, shampoos that contain sulfur or sulfates are a major reason for removing oils from the scalp; This negatively affects the hair; Where it causes dryness and breakage of the hair and eventually leads to hair loss, and sulfates also reduce the proportion of protein in the hair; Which causes damage to the hair and leads to the bombing of the hair cuticle.

Sulfur also leads to scalp irritation and inflammation, as well as long-term hair loss.

  1. Excessive use of oils:

  Excessive use of oils One of the causes of hair loss and deterioration. Excessive use of oils creates a thick protein layer. After a while, this layer clogs the pores of the scalp, preventing it from breathing; Which eventually leads to inflammation.

Therefore, we should not leave the oils on the hair for a long period of up to 30 minutes, and the oils should also be applied to the length of the hair and its ends instead of the scalp.

Quoted from the health site

These are the most important causes of hair loss, whether in the quick or long term, which are the main factors in hair loss and deterioration; Which causes us physical or psychological damage.

  • (Diet), (diet), or (diet) may lead to hair loss; Which causes concern.

You should consult a doctor when following a diet; So that you can replace the missing vitamins that lead to hair loss, especially vitamin B7, B12 , and vitamin D, in order to maintain the beauty and freshness of your hair, and thus avoid hair loss.


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