Treating gum infections

Treating gum infections

The treatment of gingivitis depends on many factors that contribute to reaching the correct treatment among the different treatment options, as gingivitis is one of the annoying problems that the teeth are exposed to and may cause periodontitis and thus the loss of your teeth, so we will provide you with the best methods of treating periodontal infections.

Signs of gingivitis 

As for gum infections, the patient feels a set of symptoms that give a preliminary diagnosis of his injury before visiting the doctor, including:

Swollen gums

natural gums look pink, but when you brush your teeth you will notice that they have become a little red and swollen, and this indicates gum infections and you need to take care of it.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is the first symptom that appears among the symptoms of gum infections. In the average person, the gums do not bleed, but a person with gum infections when he uses the brush to clean his teeth will notice bleeding from them and this problem should not be overlooked.


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Bad breath

appears as a result of many reasons, including digestive diseases or dental problems, and despite the many causes of this problem, it may be a warning sign of gum infections, because the bacteria responsible for infections in the mouth work to break down food and as a result Unpleasant odors emitted from the mouth.

How to treat gum infections at home

The following methods may help you treat gum infections at home:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water and salt as it reduces gum infections.
  • The use of Denta Calm mouthwash with mint flavor that works to relieve pain and reduce gum infections.
  • Passing olive oil on the gums may also help get rid of infections within a short period.
  • If gum infections are accompanied by pain, you can put warm compresses on the face near the affected place.
  • Maintaining oral and dental hygiene and using a healthy type of toothpaste keeps the gums healthy while using a soft toothbrush.

 Treatment of gingivitis at the dentist

The first treatment method to get rid of gingivitis is deep cleaning of the layer of tartar accumulated on the gums, and this procedure is carried out in the dentist’s office as follows:

  • The dentist uses tools to remove the layer of tartar accumulated on the gums and between the teeth.
  • You may feel some pain while cleaning, especially if the amount of lime is large.
  • After cleaning the tartar layer, the dentist performs what is known as root planing, a procedure that helps get rid of the rough surfaces in the roots of the teeth.
  • Thus, it helps the teeth to adhere to the gums naturally.

 Medicines to treat acute gingivitis

Your doctor may prescribe some medicines to relieve tooth pain as well as treat gingivitis and infection if gingivitis is accompanied by an infection:

  • Pain relievers.
  • Antibiotics.

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