Bleeding gums treatment

Bleeding gums treatment

Many people suffer from bleeding gums, especially while brushing their teeth, and it can be very annoying. In this article, we will talk about the treatment of bleeding gums.


There are many reasons that may lead to bleeding gums, such as: tooth brushing, injury, pregnancy, or infections, and determining the cause of bleeding gums is the main key to proper treatment.

Treatment of bleeding gums

There are many methods that are used in the treatment of bleeding gums, the most important of which are the following:

Correct cleaning of the mouth and teeth

The cause of bleeding gums may be a sign of poor dental hygiene, as the gums become more prone to inflammation or bleeding when plaque accumulates along the gum line.

Plaque is a sticky layer of bacteria covering your teeth and gums. If you don't brush your teeth well or floss, the bacteria can spread and cause infection, bleeding and tooth decay.

Visit the dentist regularly

It is important to visit the dentist regularly at least twice a year.

During the periodic examination, the doctor examines the gums and teeth, so it will be easy for him to discover any underlying cause of bleeding gums, which will help you treat bleeding gums and get rid of this annoying problem.

Using Denta Calm Mouthwash Denta Calm mouthwash

is used as a dental antiseptic, it helps remove plaque from the teeth and gums, promotes healthy gums, and contributes to stopping and treating bleeding gums, it is rich in active ingredients such as Chlorhexidine 0.05%, clove oil, peppermint oil and sage oil

Rinse with watersalt

water can help soothe swollen gums that bleed easily.

Use a soft

toothbrush A rough toothbrush can irritate your gums and make them bleed, but a soft toothbrush can protect you from bleeding gums.

Using ice

Cold compresses, an ice pack, or ice cubes may help soothe gums and treat bleeding gums.

Ice packs are an effective treatment if your gums are bleeding from an injury.

 Applying turmeric paste Turmeric

has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so applying turmeric paste to the gums helps in improving the symptoms of gingivitis and bleeding.

Smoking cessation

Smoking is the main cause of gum disease and its problems. Because it damages the human immune system, which means that the body becomes less able to get rid of bacteria that naturally stick to the gums and cause them to swell and bleed.

People who quit smoking often notice an improvement in oral and gum health.

Improving your diet

The quality of the food you eat can help treat bleeding gums and improve their health.

  • Reducing your intake of carbohydrates and sugary foods helps improve gum health and prevent gum disease; Because it stimulates the appearance of the plaque layer and the accumulation of bacteria.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C. Because it helps to strengthen immunity, and thus prevents bacteria that cause gingivitis and bleeding, such as: citrus, pepper and berries of all kinds.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin K. Because it is an important component in blood clotting, and thus treats and relieves bleeding gums, such as: spinach, and all kinds of cabbage.

These were the most important methods that help treat bleeding gums, the most important of which is rinsing the mouth using Denta Calm mouthwash. You can contact the best pharmacists at Adam Pharmacy and request a consultation to get the best results, as we are considered the best online pharmacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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