Silium Spray: Ingredients and How to Use

Silium Spray: Ingredients and How to Use

Most women need a good way to get a distinctive and stable hairstyle, and the best way is to use Silium spray, which is one of the important products for women and is no less important than other hair care products, as it enhances hair gloss and volume, protects it from UV rays, and maintains its appearance And style for a long time, and reduces annoying frizz.


hair needs special care to limit the negative effects of hair dye, and here comes the role of Silium spray for dyed hair  , which maintains the color and luster of dyed hair, as well as maintains the natural balance of the hair to preserve it from the effects of dye.

It also nourishes the hair, detangles it and has an anti-frizz effect, all thanks to its effective formula, which consists of:

  • Fruit vitamins: rich in antioxidants that are effective in renewing hair follicles and preserving from the effects of heat and the effect of chemicals in dyes.
  • Macadamia oil: It contains antioxidants, fatty acids and potassium, which makes it useful in reducing hair tangles, moisturizing the scalp and nourishing hair follicles.

Milk proteins: They strengthen the hair, enhance its health, increase the luster of the hair, and help get rid of damaged hair, make the hair softer, and prevent hair damage resulting from the use of dye.

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How to use Silium spray 

  • Make sure the hair is clean and dry: Before using Silium hair spray, make sure the strands are clean. Also, don't apply hair spray to wet or damp hair, but it should be dry.
  • the hair from a distance of 15 cm: After shaking the bottle of hair spray, keep your hand about 15 cm away from the hair before spraying, so as not to distribute the amount excessively on the hair strands.
  •  Do not spray psyllium hair spray on the roots because this may lead to a greasy appearance in the hair, as it can harm the health of the hair strands.
  •  amount on the hair: Spray an equalWe also recommend that you run your fingers through the hair when spraying the hairspray so that the strands do not stick to each other.


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