Oral gel

Oral gel

Dental neglect is evident among all ages, with some studies showing that 100% of adults suffer from tooth decay in varying degrees, and about 20% have periodontal disease, making the use of an oral gel to treat gingivitis common.

Many resort to using the gel because it is a quick way to numb the pain without going to the dentist, and here are all the details about gingivitis and the different treatment methods.

What is gingivitis? 

Gingivitis occurs most commonly among all age groups in the form of redness, irritation and swelling around the base of the teeth.

It is one of the conditions that must be treated quickly so as not to end up with bone infection in the area and tooth loss.

Gums are usually inflamed as a result of bacteria accumulating in the pockets surrounding the teeth - between the teeth and gums - as follows:

  • When you forget to brush, paste, floss and mouthwash regularly, food builds up in the pockets around your teeth.
  • Accumulated food debris causes a layer of bacteria called plaque to form.
  • Plaque hardens after 72 hours, forming tartar, which makes brushing difficult.
  • It ends up causing inflammation and irritation of the gums.

Methods of treating gingivitis

The treatment of gingivitis aims to get rid of bacteria and tartar in the mouth and between the teeth and restore their health, which the dentist does with the help of some additional treatments as follows:

  • Dental cleaning procedure: This procedure aims to get rid of tartar between the teeth and under the gums And around the roots of the teeth, which prevents the growth of more bacteria.
  • Fix dental problems: If you have incorrect dental implants or fillings, the doctor begins to get rid of them to avoid gingivitis.
  • Attention to dental hygiene: Regular dental cleanings are necessary to maintain oral hygiene and help treat gingivitis.
  • Antibacterial medicines in the form of mouthwash or gel to treat gum infections.


The best oral gel 

is Denta Calm the best oral gel that is used to treat gum infections, which is available in Adam's Pharmacy and is relied upon by a large number of people.

Denta Calm contains components of clove oil, tea tree oil and sage oil, which are effective oils in relieving pain and treating gum infections.

Denta Calm Gel for the mouth is fast absorbing and treats many problems, including:

  • Mouth ulcers.
  • bleeding gums
  • Periodontal infections. 


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